Dukes predict the outcome of season 21 on “The Bachelor”

The new bachelor for season 21: Nick VIall

A  new season of “The Bachelor” recently premiered and York students and faculty are buzzing with excitement over this new season. The new season has a new bachelor: Nick Viall. This is not Viall’s first rodeo; he was on “The Bachelorette” seasons 10 and 11. Viewers were eager to see Nick’s premiere on “The Bachelor” due to the fact that he has been known to be impolite to previous bachelorettes.

The premise of “The Bachelor” is simple: a group of women compete for the bachelor’s love, the end goal being that the bachelor will propose to his woman of choice. Each week, the bachelor sends one or two women home during the “Rose Ceremony” because he cannot see himself having a future with them. If a woman receives a rose, she is “safe” until the next the next Rose Ceremony. With love on the line, emotional drama is bound to happen on “The Bachelor”, and season 21 will be no different.

Within such a short amount of time, the new round of contestants on “The Bachelor” for season 21 have already picked up popularity. Corinne, the business owner from Miami, had been deemed the villain after her aggressive and inconsiderate behavior towards Nick and the other women on the show. In addition, Corinne’s failure to get enough sleep has been demonstrated multiple times, one example being sleeping through a Rose Ceremony. 

Viewing parties and fantasy leagues are not uncommon for fans of “The Bachelor” and are taken very seriously. Within these fantasy leagues, viewers predict who the final four women will be and ultimately, the winner. “The Bachelor” is popular around York, and many Dukes have predictions, opinions, and comments about the women competing for Nick’s love. 

“I think Vanessa will win,” Abby Moriarty, freshman, stated. “She’s classy and Nick really cares for her.” 

Abby Moriarty supporting Vanessa with enthusiasm.

Vanessa has been a front runner since season 21 aired. Recently Nick and Vanessa went on a date together where they experienced zero gravity, followed by a romantic dinner overlooking the Los Angeles skyline.

Many students have strong opinions on who should not win, rather than who should win.

“Corinne, I hate her!” exclaimed freshman Kayla Fitzgibbons. “She is so annoying and such an attention seeker.”

A lot of disrespect has built up towards Corinne for being inconsiderate and rude to the other women on the show.

In addition, a few faculty members had opinions on who they thought should win.

“I like Rachel,” Mr. Carrillo provided. Mrs. Noonan added, “I agree. I think women like Danielle M, Rachel and Vanessa are mature and age appropriate.” 

Mrs. Noonan and Mr. Carrillo rallying for Rachel to win, “The Bachelor”.

Nick is 36 years old and many women in the show are in their early 20’s. However, Danielle M, Rachel, and Vanessa are within their early 30’s. Mrs. Noonan and Mr. Carrillo also believe Corinne is on, “The Bachelor” for the wrong reasons.

“I don’t like Corinne; she’s annoying and spoiled. You can tell Nick doesn’t like her,” Mr. Carrillo stated. Mrs. Noonan replied, “Corinne is too young, she’s just around for the show.”

Corinne is 24 and a fierce contestant on “The Bachelor”.  It is said that Corinne is on “The Bachelor” for entertainment purposes, not for love. Because Corinne has been deemed the villain, it would be understandable for her to use, “The Bachelor” as a way to gain a following.

With a possible marriage at stake, “The Bachelor” makes for an interesting show chalked full of drama. This season of “The Bachelor” is one sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Many are wishing for Corinne to pack her bags and for Vanessa to accept the final rose. It is only a matter of time until we find out.