Elmhurst’s One Fifty One has a successful first two months

The new restaurant, One Fifty One, has opened up its doors in Uptown Elmhurst to feed your winter appetite. Located conveniently on York St., the restaurant has had a successful first two and a half months.

One Fifty One features a variety of American cuisines with a unique twist in an inviting, rustic interior.

“We’re kind of trying to bridge that gap between Midwestern and fine dining while still staying casual,” said Executive Chef, Shawn Sanders. “It’s kind of a hard thing to do, but I think some of the dishes really speak to that, so we’re pretty proud of our food.”

The restaurant’s pasta dish called “Mac”.

With lunch features like “Mac”, “Kennebec Fries” and a “Pimento Cheeseburger,” they manage to make your favorite foods just classy enough.

One Fifty One’s “Kennebec Fries”.

“I didn’t really know what to expect since it seemed so fancy from the outside,” said Lauren Fisher, senior, “but after eating there, it exceeded my expectations, without being so high-end that it was uninviting to younger people.”

Since opening, the kitchen has already seen a favorite dish among its customers.

“Right now we are selling a lot of the smoked pork dish,” said Sanders. “We smoke our own pork in house, and we do an opened face sandwich– that’s been a pretty big hit so far.”

In addition to these dishes, One Fifty One offers a variety of salads, soups, sandwiches, desserts, and even shared dishes, with an atmosphere fit for any occasion.

“Come on by and see us,” said Sanders. “I’ll promise you’ll like it!”