Speech team celebrates regional success


The regional team competed against Prospect, Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, and Hersey at their regional competition.

The York Speech Team certainly lived up to their slogan “Speak to inform. Speak to amuse. Speak to amaze.” at the Glenbrook North Regional on Sat., Feb. 5, regional competitors sweeping the tournament and starting their State Series with an impressive showing. The regional team was composed of 15 events, and 13 of those events will advance to sectionals after the team’s success at Glenbrook North.

At the end of the season, coaches come together to choose the competitors that will make up the regional team, only being able to send one competitor in each individual event to regionals. If the competitors place fourth or above at regionals, they advance to sectionals. The competitors advancing to sectionals include:

  • Ellie Ryan and Camille Butler: 3rd in Dramatic Duet Acting
  • Ellie Ryan: 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation
  • Colin Czech: 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Erin Lee and Mike Bindeman: 2nd in Humorous Duet Acting
  • Jake Rehling: 3rd in Humorous Interpretation
  • Dominic Gatti: 3rd in Impromptu Speaking
  • Erin Stone: 2nd in Informative Speaking
  • David Hansen: 1st in Original Comedy
  • Morgan Taylor: 2nd in Original Oratory
  • Performance in the Round Cast (Abbie Lockie, Anna Triska, Carina Kanzler, Eileen King, Julia Doherty, Julia Riddle, Kate Gehrke, Kevin Homan, Madds Buckley, Matt Hauser, Nathan Rago, Sebastian Rohn, Shamus McFarlane, Wilke Macariola): 2nd in Performance in the Round
  • Molly Mayfield: 2nd in Poetry Reading
  • David Flanagan: 4th in Prose Reading
  • Emily Dow: 4th in Radio Speaking

The York team accumulated 53 points as a team, tying with Glenbrook North for second overall. This week they will continue to put in the hard work they’ve done all season to refine their pieces so they can continue to succeed throughout the rest of their State Series.

“Speech team is a great environment and it’s always great to see each other succeed,” said sophomore David Hansen who was the tournament champion in Original Comedy. “Sectionals is really tough and it’s an honour to get there, and it’s even more impressive to make it out of sectionals and continue onto state, which is our goal as a team.”  

To accomplish their goal and advance to state, first competitors must rank third or higher in their individual events at sectionals. They are certainly up to the task, and look forward to the weekend ahead at Elk Grove High School.