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What Are The Dukes Up To This Summer?

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“This summer, I’m going to be playing trombone in the Elmhurst Summer Community Band! This will be my second year doing it, and I’m really excited about it. Every week, not only members of the York High School Band, but also other people from around Elmhurst come together to practice for a concert at the end of the summer in Wilder Park” -Aaron Ludkowski

“Over the summer I’ll be going to gymnastics camp. I’ll also be hanging out with friends, going to six flags and visiting my cousins​.” -Zikora Nnam

“I’m going to Cape Cod with my family and I’ll be at the beach with my cousins. I’ll also be playing basketball and hanging out with my friends.”– Abigail Greetis

“Over the summer, I plan to take drivers education and criminology during summer school. Alongside these classes I’m planning to have possibly acquired a job, hang out with my friends, and recharge for sophomore year” -Michael Kudra

“I am really looking forward to summer, because I am going to be a tennis helper for the York tennis camp! I’ll be helping the younger kids learn how to play the amazing sport of tennis. I have so many good memories from York tennis camp, and hope to help other kids feel the same way. ” -Regan Toole

“This summer I’m going to the 2017 Boy Scout National Jamboree.” -Ethan Thomas

“Over the summer, I’m going to Michigan to visit my grandparents. They live right by a private beach, so we’ll probably be there a lot.” –Autumn English

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What Are The Dukes Up To This Summer?