A Charity Drive Through Elmhurst


Photo courtesy of Kevin Homan

[From left to right] Organizers of “Tackle Hunger Michelle Hackett, Madeleine Small, Elizabeth Keblusek and Abigail Ross accept donations and distribute raffle tickets on Friday, Sept 8 during the football game. A helpful IC student poses with them [Pictured on the left]

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many organizations have taken up the task of providing relief through various charity events. Fundraisers, food drives and clothes collections all help to bring aid to those who need it, but they’re only successful if people contribute.


“But what can I do? I don’t know about any charity events in the area!” is a common statement you might hear. Indeed, it may be difficult to find charity opportunities if you have never participated before. Fortunately, it is is simpler than it seems to get involved.


There are many charity drives organized at York throughout the year by Student Council, Key Club, or even individual students. Senior Nicholas Carrasco ran a supply drive to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.


Seeing that nothing was being done about Hurricane Harvey at York, I took the initiative and started the drive myself,” said Carrasco in an email. “Pending Mr. McGuire’s approval, I am planning to organize a similar drive for victims of Hurricane Irma.”


His drive was organized and run nearly entirely by himself. “I did get help from Ms. Carlson with getting started, but after she helped me get started, I ran everything myself,” he said. In addition to organizing it himself, his drive wasn’t sponsored by any larger group. It truly was an independent endeavor.


Another student-organized event aimed at providing relief to families in poverty is the ongoing “Tackle Hunger” drive run by Student Council Communications Chair Abigail Ross. At every home football game, you can bring in non-perishable foods to earn raffle tickets for a gift card, the winners of which are then announced at half time.


“With the Tackle Hunger initiative, I organized it, and all donations were given to the Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food Pantry. The food drive was something I started on my own this year, and I’m really happy with the turnout and support we’ve received,” said Ross. 

Photo courtesy of Kevin Homan
[From Right to left, by fence] Abby Ross, Elizabeth Keblusek, Madeleine Small and Michelle Hackett run the “Tackle Hunger” collection stand on Friday, Sept. 8, 2017 during the Football game
Aside from student run events, Key Club organizes two to three charity drives every year. These are more broad than just food and essentials, however.


“Last year we had a really successful book drive during which we collected a carload of books for the organization “Reach Out and Read”. Basically, the organization provides pediatricians around the country with books to give to children that many times wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise,” said Ashley Kunesh, president of Key Club.



Now that you know where and how, go out and help out!