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The Last Meet- Under the Monocle Kat Siavelis

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Photo by Isabel LoPiano
Senior Kat Siavelis celebrates a good swim at the West Suburban Silver Conference Meet at Lyon Township High School. Oct. 28, 2017.

While most people are sleeping at 5:45 am, Kat Siavelis is in the pool practicing. Most mornings you can find Kat at the pool, whether it’s swimming or lifting, work is being done. For the past eleven years swimming has been a huge part of Kat’s life. From starting as a little kid on Elmhurst Swim Team to becoming a senior varsity swimmer at York, it has a been a long journey.


Being in water is something Kat has always loved. The pool is a place she can be with friends and get a great workout. While swimming can be fun, it definitely comes with many struggles. She has always loved the many challenges swimming has brought and working hard to overcome them.


“Getting up at the crack of dawn to jump in a freezing pool is one of the hardest parts because it takes a lot of inner strength to force yourself out of bed,” said Siavelis.


Swimming has given Siavelis the opportunity to meet so many athletes and coaches, some who are still in her life today. All the people who were apart of the journey have played a large role in both her swimming and personal life.


“Kat is great friend and teammate she is always so positive and energetic in and out of the pool,” said Sydney Hutchinson, senior and teammate.


Siavelis loves her teammates just as much they love her. A friendship made in the pool is so much more than just any other friendship.


“I’m going to miss my swim family the most. Going through all the struggles of the sport with your teammates forms this indescribable bond that you can’t get anywhere else,” said Siavelis.


While she loves her family at the pool, she also thankful for the love and support she gets at home. Without her parents, getting to and from swim would have been very difficult.

Photo by Isabel LoPiano
Senior Kat Siavelis practices her starts before a Swim and Dive meet. Oct. 26, 2017.

“I would like to thank my parents and grandma for getting me to all the practices and meets— and most importantly, feeding me to keep my body fueled up,” Siavelis said.


Along with her family, Siavelis’s coaches over the years have impacted her swimming. She still uses basic skills she learned at Elmhurst Swim Team at the high school level. Siavelis would definitely not be where she is today without their support.


“I’d also like to thank my coaches for providing me with the tools I need to reach my utmost potential,” said Siavelis.

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The Last Meet- Under the Monocle Kat Siavelis