York Advanced Dance participates in Giordano Project at Barrington high school


Photo courtesy of York dance program instagram

York Advanced dance in costumes, ready for the show.

A project that began in early December finally came together for the first time on stage this past weekend: the York Advanced Dance program was given the opportunity to participate in the Giordano project, a dance showcase involving 14 high schools, each with a choreographed piece set by a Giordano Dance Company member to perform together at Barrington High School.

Photo courtesy of York dance program instagram
Poster for Giordano Project.

“It has been one of the best things I’ve done in the dance program,” senior Nicole Polizzi said.

The York dancers met with Giordano member Caesar the first weekend in December for two 6 hour rehearsals to learn the choreography. The dance, titled “Finish Line,” was set to an intense, instrumental soundtrack and featured lots of small group work and soloists. At the end, all of the small groups came together and finished with a powerful, synchronized combination.

Photo courtesy of Caesar
Advanced Dance class finishes off their choreo-weekend with Giordano choreographer Caesar.

“I just love the message behind it,” junior Ashley Homolka said. “It is like you are running a race and you are almost there and things might get in your way, but you keep going. It’s a very different dance.”

On Saturday, the York dancers arrived at Barrington high school at 2:00 for a 2:30 tech rehearsal-this would be the first time dancers would perform in the space. After the tech rehearsal, the students got dinner in town and made it back to change, warm up, and go to the all school meeting with the Giordano choreographers.

Photo courtesy of York dance program instagram
Caesar making last minute critiques to the dance during the tech rehearsal.

“I am so excited to be here,” junior Grace Weinstein said. “I love my little dance family and everyone is so talented. Go Dukes!”

The energy was great backstage, all of the high schools were preparing to perform and wishing each other luck. The Giordano project was a showcase and celebration of dance, not a competition, so there was only support and encouragement from everyone. York got the opportunity to watch the other high schools and three members of Giordano company II perform, which was a great opportunity to experience other choreographers’ visions.

Photo courtesy of York dance program instagram
York dancers sit in a circle and prepare for the show.

At the end of the concert, the dancers were pleased with their performances, the experiences they had during the day, and overall relieved that all of their hard work paid off with. York will hopefully continue to participate in the Giordano project in the coming years.

Photo courtesy of York dance program instagram
Nan Giordano giving the dancers a welcome speech before the show starts.

“Giordano is an opportunity I never thought this dance program would be able to participate in,” Polizzi said.