York’s Mock Trial Team completes another successful competition

York’s Mock Trial team competed in their last competition of the season before state this past Saturday, March 10, at Kane County Invitational. Sponsored by St. Charles East and St. Charles North high schools, it is one of the biggest competitions of the season, consisting of more than 15 teams from 13 different schools.

As a recap, the case this year is a civil case: Addison Grant v. Sam Smith. Provided by the Illinois State Bar Association, each team participated in two trials, one team playing the defense and the other the plaintiff. The teams are then evaluated by the jury, played by multiple seasoned attorneys, as well as the presiding judge.

What’s different from the other competitions is that at this competition, schools have the opportunity to challenge other schools, rather than be assigned the opposing counsel. This was because the sponsors wanted to keep things fresh and interesting. Those who were challenged had the ability to pick the side they wanted to do.  

“Last year Kane was the one trial I watched and this year competing with our varsity team was kind of surreal,“ said Maya Iyre, junior and participating in her second year of York’s Mock Trial team. “I thought it was interesting that you could challenge whoever you wanted to.”

York was first challenged by Glenbard East, playing defense for Sam Smith. In the second round, they were plaintiff for Addison Grant against St. Charles East, a school they’ve previously gone against as defense in McLean County Invitational.

Photo by Maya Iyre
York’s defense side prepare before trial against Glenbard East.

“Being challenged by Glenbard East as the defense side was pretty interesting,“ said Katy Clugg, junior, participating in her second year of York’s Mock Trial team. “We’ve never gone against them before and I think we did really well.”

York ultimately was announced as the one of the top six teams of the competition. Hinsdale Central took first, Evanston took second, Timothy Christian took third, and St. Charles North Black took fourth.

In terms of individual recognition, each school typically receives up to two awards: one for best attorney and one for best witness. York was the only school out of the entire competition that won four individual awards. Senior varsity members Chris Foster and Honey Tey both earned best attorney awards, while Grace Tully and Katy Clugg took home best witness for their portrayal of the expert witnesses.

Photo by Katy Clugg
Varsity member Honey Tey and Grace Tully both pose after receiving recognition for best attorney and best witness.

“It felt really amazing to be recognized as an outstanding witness,” Clugg said. “I’ve done a lot of practice for that role and I was really surprised to be to be among the top few witnesses, it felt incredible.”

Photo by Honey Tey
Junior Katy Clugg performing her role as the expert witness Cameron Rodriguez, in which she received an outstanding award for, during the defense’s trial against Glenbard East.

York is set to participate in state at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on March 23. The school that places first will travel to Reno, Nevada over the summer to compete in nationals.

“I think if we keep up the practice and hard work, we can definitely meet that goal as a team,” Clugg said.

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Birchler
York’s Mock trial team ready for state!

Best of luck, Dukes!