Bright yellow flowers bloom gleefully in between the rows of vegetable plants in the vegetable garden.

Photo by Sarah Pinkowski

Hidden paradise: A tour of York’s beautiful gardens

August 31, 2018

Walking down the halls of York, you most likely have seen, or maybe even strolled through, the beautiful garden located in our outdoor courtyard. Its luscious green foliage and bright colored flowers provide the perfect backdrop for a sensory escape from the daily stressors associated with school. While most students know about this not-so-secret paradise, many students don’t know that it is not the only garden located on campus; the school has not one, but three luscious gardens including the sensory garden, a butterfly garden, and a vegetable garden.

Almost every day this summer, members of York’s garden club were hard at work maintaining all three of the school’s beautiful gardens, watering, planting and taking care of the delicate flowers and vegetable plants. Their work is a predecessor to the quickly popularizing trend of growing your own flower and vegetable gardens at home. No longer is the hobby of gardening solely reserved for your grandmother; men and women of all ages as well as high school students are breaking out the rusty shovels and garden gloves hidden in the back of their garages to embark on the widely popular and rewarding trend. These alluring and aesthetically pleasing pictures of York’s stunning gardens will surely prompt you to take a trip down to the gardens to look at and admire the hard work put in by the club’s members, and if after you decide you want to hop on the gardening trend as well, you can attend the acclaimed Garden Club’s meetings on Wednesdays after school.


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