Junior Nate Shockey runs onto the court after his name is announced. Photo courtesy of SR Photo

Boys varsity basketball team sets their sights on the playoffs

November 16, 2018

As basketball season begin to rolls around the corner, the boys are ready to make their way back into the playoffs, except this time they want to be the last team in Peoria.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Rodgers

John Milling catches the ball and gets ready to pass the ball to open teammate.

Last season the Dukes had an overall record of 17-10 and a conference record of 7-4. They had a state rank of 73rd and a state division rank of 46th. With a record of 17-10, they were able to buy their way into the playoffs, but couldn’t get out of the first round with a loss to Riverside Brookfield.

“After having two early exits the past two years from the playoffs we want this year to be one of the best years in our program’s history,” Milling said. “We’re going to try to do this by taking it game by game and be the last team standing down at state.”

The team this year consists of many seniors from last year, with an addition of junior Nate Shockey in the starting line up. They’re losing four seniors that graduated last year, some of which even continued their basketball careers in college. Although there is a lack of juniors on the team this year, junior Nate Shockey still thinks that with the number of seniors this team is going to be special.

“The team is looking very good so far with the heavy amount of seniors on the team,” said Shockey. “We all expect to win every game and have the chance to play down in Peoria for the state championship.”

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