Bachelor Recap: First episode (rose)?

Newest Bachelor Colton and the ladies of his season. (Photo from Bustle)

Newest Bachelor Colton and the ladies of his season. (Photo from Bustle)

The season premiere of The Bachelor finally arrived and it was live for three hours–What more could one ask for?

The Viewing Parties

How does one score an invite to a viewing party? The best part of these three hours was Blake and Jason from Becca’s season in Lansing, or maybe it was the poor guy in the sweater obviously dragged there by his girlfriend/fiancé/ wife. Spoiler alert–his name is David, and he’s hosting the party. The viewing parties gave viewers not one but two proposals. Both rings were Neil Lane approved! Becca and Garrett, the couple from the most recent season of the Bachelorette, came back and recreated their Parks City, Utah kiss–ABC is really pulling out all the stops!


The Limos

Colton was first out of the limos sporting a blue suit and talked with Chris about not forgetting their names strategy for Night One. Demi stepped out of the first limo in banana yellow. Viewers got two beauty queens with Caelynn (Miss North Carolina) and Hannah B. (Miss Alabama) competing at the same Miss America Pageant. Top-notch casting, ABC! Sydney was next and mentioned she quit her job to be on the Bachelor (fingers crossed for her that doesn’t get sent home night one it’s worth it). The third limo brought the first costume of the night.  Sloth girl (Alex D.) is my new spirit animal. THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR FAKE AUSTRALIAN ACCENT BRI… a little underwhelming. Catherine was a DJ, referred to her dog as her daughter, and ultimately gave the dog to Colton to keep? Last to arrive is Erin, the real-life Cinderella, and she gave up the classic limo for a carriage! She wore a blue dress and gave Colton her shoe.


Cocktail Party

Thirty girls in gowns, one teary-eyed bachelor, and a first impression rose gave me high hopes for the cocktail party. Demi, the first out of the limo, grabbed Colton first.  Miss North Carolina scored a kiss from Colton. Sydney (the ex-dancer) broke out an orchestra and busted a move with Colton. The Sloth was hanging in the tree! We got our first “steal you for a second” of the night and Catherine was not having it. She ultimately went on to steal Colton THREE times!  Katie got a kiss from Colton too, so the first impression rose was definitely up for grabs. Hannah G. (the g stands for glitter) received the first impression rose; Colton sealed it with a kiss.

Catherine passing her dog off to Colton. (Photo courtesy of The Star)

Rose Ceremony and the Ones Who Didn’t Make the Cut

Colton kept 23 out of his original 30 girls. Girls agonized over the final rose controversy which of course went to Catherine after she scored a record number of steals on Night One.  We said goodbye to Revian, Tahzjuan, Erin, Devin, Alex D. (the Sloth–my personal favorite), Laura, and Jane.

The promo for the remainder of the season provided a lot of kissing, some beaches, a couple falling in loves with you, and so many tears cap off the premiere of one of the most dramatic seasons ever (Chris Harrison voice). Fingers crossed Colton jumping a fence and disappearing is in episode 2, most likely won’t be, but stick around for my weekly recaps to find out exactly when he hops that fence!

Alex D. and her sloth suit slowly approaching Colton. (Photo courtesy of The Ringer)