The second pastel drawing of a lighter by Hannah Graber. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Graber)
The second pastel drawing of a lighter by Hannah Graber.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Graber

AP art students earn over $1,000,000 in scholarships

March 8, 2019

If you visited the art fair during Fine Arts Week, you may have had your henna done by an award winning artist. York’s own AP art students have earned over a million dollars in scholarship money for their individual works of art, earning a total of $1,071,276 through the Illinois High School Art Exhibition (IHSAE), also known as the state’s “largest high school student art exhibition.”

York students Autumn English, Ben Rogers, David Imundo, Hannah Graber, Katherine Gobber, Kyle Johnson, Libby Wagner, Samantha Uditsky and Scarlett Hoffer have been chosen to display their artwork the Illinois High School Art Exhibition at Bridgeport’s Zhou B and Bridgeport Art Center. Sunday, Feb. 24 was very eventful for the art students as the exhibit was open for not only public viewing, but the“Best of the Best” show took place featuring over 800 works of art. The event included ceremonies, early college scholarship announcements, a college recruitment fair, the senior scholarship announcements and lastly a Vendor & Career Expo.

Their art is being displayed at the exhibit until Fri., March 8.

Meet the artists below!

Autumn English

Autumn (being only a junior) was very lucky to have been selected to showcase her art in a predominantly senior filled show. Her first piece, titled “The Prism”, was done digitally and is part of an ongoing story that she is creating for her AP Art class which will be told through multiple images; additionally, this piece was chosen to be displayed in the senior Scholarship Exhibition Sun., Feb 24.

Ben Rogers

Senior Ben Rogers’ produces his best artwork through drawing, although as of recently he has been playing around with watercolors as well. Rogers drawing “in the masses” and a piece featuring an astronaut were both displayed in the exhibit.

Hannah Graber

Senior Hannah Graber expresses her creativity through not only drawing, painting, and sculptures but uniquely through special fx makeup as well. In the exhibit she displayed two chalk pastels; one of a lighter and the other a bowl of “Froot Loops” and then lastly a clay sculpture.

Katherine Gobber

Senior Katherine Gobber predominantly uses charcoal to create her drawings, as seen in the piece of the bass guitar she displayed in the art exhibit. Lately, she has been working on pieces that exemplify medieval life to contribute to her concentration.

Libby Wagner

Senior Libby Wagner’s vibrant colored pencil drawings are eye-catching and practically pop out of the page. Although she mainly works with colored pencil, she has been experimenting with watercolor, pastels, and charcoal. In the general exhibition of the show Libby’s drawing of the science teacher, Mr. Ramm was chosen. For the senior scholarship exhibition her color pencil drawing of a hot dog, “Chicago style” was selected.

Kyle Johnson

Senior Kyle Johnson’s artistic abilities are best expressed through his cartoons and digital work. One of his senior pieces of a man looking out on a sunset with mountains in the background called “sunset” was chosen to be displayed in the exhibit.

Samantha Uditsky

Senior Samantha Uditsky uses the human body and portraits as a central focus in her pieces. Her first piece submitted in the exhibit is a watercolor self-portrait that was then cut up and re-pieced together. Her inspiration for this art piece was one word; frazzled. She believes this is a word that best describes her so by reconstructing the painting she hoped to exemplify this word. Her next piece is a digital photograph that she took of her dad for the “film noir” project. She interpreted the theme as “Old Hollywood” so, she attempted to create mystery through the black and white portrait photo with smoke seemingly “dancing” around his face and lip of the hat.

Not pictured: David Imundo & Scarlett Hoffer

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