Graduation practice and senior barbeque


Photo by Grace Moriarty

Seniors Anna Morley and Sarah Pinkowksi get pumped up to participate in the bungee run at the senior barbecue. May 17, 2019.

In preparation for the seniors’ big weekend, York hosted the annual graduation practice in the Campbell gym. During the practice on Friday, May 17,  the seniors prepared for one of the biggest days of their lives, their high school graduation. After going through the rules and procedures in the gym, the seniors relocated to the Joe Newton field house where the actual ceremony was to take place. A few hours later, as a prize for their patience, the seniors were rewarded with the annual senior barbecue in the South gym.


“The senior picnic is important to me because it’s the last time all of the senior class will be together and be able to have fun and enjoy ourselves before graduating,” senior Abby Ross said.

The scent of the barbecue wafted through the halls and attracted everyone to come inside, where there were many fun activities to entertain the seniors. From the blow-up basketball hoops, the obstacle course, to the bungee run, seniors spent the afternoon having fun with their fellow classmates.

“I had the most fun at the bungee run where you’re attached to a bungee cord and you have to run and put your bean bag down and see who can get the furthest,” senior Anna Morley said. “I did it with my besties Jamie Killian and Sarah Pinkowski which made it even better.”

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the seniors made the most of their barbecue (just like they did for prom) hosted inside and enjoyed their time together nonetheless.

“Today is just amazing because all of the seniors are having fun together everyone is going to college and I am just going to miss them so much,” senior Cyril Kappen said.

Many seniors were feeling sentimental as they realized this event would be the last activity with the entire class of 2019 all together

The barbecue is a great event because it helps you reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a long time, and it’s a great way to say goodbye to some people in our grade we will sadly probably never see again,” senior Olivia Gifford said.