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The Dill Pickle Dukes are amongst several King of the Couch groups hoping to take the crown this year.

The Dill Pickle Dukes sport strong costumes as strong competition

Seeing big green blobs walking around the halls early on Friday mornings might make you rub your eyes to second guess what you just saw. Well, no reason to be alarmed; those are the Dill Pickle Dukes.

The group consists of four seniors: Peter Budzinski, Jason Butterfield, Adam Steveson and Alex Birnbaum. You can see these seniors every Friday dressed up. These kelly green pickles roam the halls with passion letting everyone know who they are with their standout costumes.  

“We just thought to sew the pickle together, then hot glue the little bits on top so it would look awful,” Butterfield said. “And that’s exactly what we got.” 

Not only do the Dill Pickles walk around in these “awful” costumes, they always have a sense of pride in them too. One of the students even saw it first hand.

“I saw them walking in the halls with each other for the first time, and all of them seemed proud to be a Dill Pickle Duke,” senior Megan Cronin said. 

Additionally, it is “something else” walking around the halls in a pickle costume, as Budzinski said. But if you want to win, you have to do whatever it takes.

“When you’re walking through the halls you have to go through eternal struggle thinking ‘am I really going to have to go through the halls wearing this pickle costume’,” Birnbaum said. 

Not only do the students of York think they are a great group; teachers have also noticed their spirit and enthusiasm.

“They are good kids with good hearts and a funky sense of fun and joy,” English teacher Rebecca McKinney said.

The group supports the underclassmen by encouraging them to express their school pride and to always stay true to themselves. It’s especially important for the freshmen because they are coming into a new school. 

“Try new things and really be yourself,” Budzinski said. 


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