KOTC Group Fruit of the Duke Ready for Flavorful Competition

When you think of fruit, the first thing that comes to your mind might not be an underwear brand or Duke pride, but this year’s King of the Couch group, Fruit of the Duke, manages to encompass all of the above. 

Seniors Will Ahern, Jake Hansmann, Sebastian Rohn and Sean Solem had the unique idea to create a fruit-themed group based on the clothing brand ‘Fruit of the Loom’. 

“We have a delicious banana, a delicious apple, green and purple grapes and some comfortable underwear,” Rohn said. “What could be better than that?”

Walking in the hallways every Friday has been an interesting experience for the members of Fruit of the Duke as they wear their outrageous fruit costumes.

“I get the weirdest looks ever because I’m walking around wearing purple grapes,” Hansmann said.  

The nutritious group has been spreading Duke spirit all throughout York and have been leaving their mark on many staff members.

“I think they bring a lot of spirit to the King of the Couch competition,” Andrew Bendelow said, who teaches all four Fruit of the Duke members. “They are remarkable in their color and flavor.”

York students also feel the ripe energy coming from the team.

“I love fruit and seeing the fruit-themed group walk around school reminds me of my morning smoothies,” senior Matt Klos said. “They always bring a smile to my face.” 

Not only does this group bring school spirit to those in their grade, but underclassmen are also fans.

“All of the members are so nice and spirited,” sophomore Jillian Sussman said. 

The group is ready for the votes to be counted as they are confident they will win the coveted seats on the couch.

“We’re looking forward to that Portillo’s meal on a nice green couch and some football,” Ahern said. 


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