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Super Mario Dukes ready to throw blue shells into the KOTC competition

When you think of childhood video games, whether it is Wii, DS, or GameCube, the Mario Series might come to mind. This childhood game has found its way into the halls of York via seniors Luke Rospert (Waluigi), Sophia Fisher (Luigi), and Hannah Maloy (Mario), by forming king of the couch group Super Mario Dukes.

The group came up with the idea by playing one of the most well-known Mario Series games. 

“We got our theme probably playing Mario Kart,” Maloy said. 

The eccentric costumes of Mario Kart transcended into their costumes and is extremely likable by the student body. Senior Bridget Tully is one of those students.

“I like how they are dressed up like the Mario characters I knew since I was a child,” Tully said. 

Underclassmen shared similar ideas about the Super Mario Dukes costumes as well.

“They represent the characters really well,” freshman Gabrielle Zmaczynski said. 

The Super Mario Dukes found creative ways to make their costumes. Luke Rospert, as Waluigi, had perhaps the most work to produce his costume.

“I dyed [my shirt],” Rospert said. “I made a mustache and put [my hat] together,” Rospert said.

The group is proud of all the events they are able to attend, especially when the Dukes are putting on one of their best performances.

“Our most memorable event was probably the away football game,” Fisher said. 

The Super Mario Dukes have had unique experiences walking through the halls of York on Fridays. 

“It’s a mixture of funny and judgement,” Fisher said. 

Despite that mixed emotion from Sophia Fisher, other group members felt inspired walking around the halls as a couch group.

“I feel more empowered [walking through the halls],” Maloy said. 

Super Mario Dukes are bringing their humor of the halls into their biggest performance yet: Powderpuff halftime. The group has already begun preparations for the event. 

“I’m definitely looking forward to the little surprise that we got for the Powderpuff game,” Rospert said. 

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