Homecoming 2018, “Blast from the past.” (Photo by Murphy McFarlane)
Homecoming 2018, “Blast from the past.”

Photo by Murphy McFarlane

Dos and Don’ts of Homecoming

September 17, 2019

For many freshmen, homecoming can be a stressful time. Whether it’s looking for a date, shoes or the perfect dress, the transition from eighth grade dances to homecoming is a big one. However, upperclassmen veterans of homecoming have helpful tips for some of the newest members of the York student body.

“If you walk into homecoming and in the first five minutes you want to leave, you definitely have to stay a little bit longer just to make it worthwhile,” senior Michael Moriarty said.

For some, the main idea of the homecoming night is being able to find the perfect dress. Although, sometimes with such a large selection, it’s difficult to find a place to start.

“There’s plenty of dresses that look super pretty but will be itchy or uncomfortable,” senior Emma Rogers said. “And don’t look for the most expensive dresses; you’ll most likely only be wearing the dress for one night.”

Dresses aren’t the only thing girls have to keep in mind when it comes to comfort. Spending nearly 3 hours living it up on the dance floor, wearing heels can really hurt your feet. Most girls end up storing their shoes in the bleachers along the field house. 

“Just find some cute comfy wedges or sandals and enjoy your night pain-free from being stepped on,” senior Emily Belcher said. “York isn’t responsible for your 60$ heels if someone else grabs them.”

 Part of the homecoming night look is being able to do your hair and makeup, but with nearly 3,000 students all in the fieldhouse things can get a little toasty.

 “Girls put your hair up because it gets hot and sweaty on the dance floor, “ senior Adriana Alberghine said.

Leading up to homecoming, when you look on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s bound to happen that you see a homecoming proposal. The idea of having a date to a dance is often a new concept to freshmen.

“Don’t stress too much about finding a date–just go with your friends and have fun,” junior Allie Palomares said. There’s usually too much drama leading up to homecoming trying to get a date.”

In order to get into the actual dance students will need their York ID and ticket. Guests will also need their school ID, a signed permission form and a ticket.

“Buy your ticket before the dance because it’s cheaper,” senior Alex Baker said.

Homecoming only comes around once a year and is a time full of festivities and a season of showing your school spirit. 

“[Homecoming] is a time you will never forget,” senior Josh Mathiasen said. “These are the memories that you will remember for the rest of your life, these are memories that you will tell your kids one day.”

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