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Italian club remains reigning hallway decorations champions despite intense competition with Spanish club

September 24, 2019


Photo by Jack Castanoli

Italian Club hallway decorations resembled all parts of the Italian flag.

Homecoming week is full of school spirit, powder puff practices and spirit days; however, one element persists: clubs competing for the ultimate prize of the best homecoming decorations. The people’s choice award for most spirited homecoming hallway decorations was given to Italian Club, and the award for club who most fit the theme was awarded to Spanish Club on Friday, September 20 at the annual Homecoming pep rally. Italian Club’s people’s choice award victory comes after intense competition with Spanish club. Steve Chornij, president of Italian club, was confident in their victory even before the first ballots were cast.

“[Hallway decorations] are all we focus on the first month of school,” Chornij said. “For sports you can win a game or win conference to show how great you are, but for clubs here at York, this competition is all we have, and you bet we’re going to try our hardest to win.”

Italian Club, however, entered the contest with an already heated competition against Spanish Club fueled from years prior. 

“I think the competition between the two clubs has motivated us to do better every year,” Vice President of Spanish Club Nida Ahmed said.

Photo by Jack Castanoli
Spanish Club’s hallway decorations fit the theme of ‘Hollywood’ by resembling a movie theater.

“And it makes it a bit more fun and exciting even though it does cause a bit of drama.”

The “drama” that Ahmed is referencing comes from the reports of the two clubs spying on each other during the decorating process. 

“During the planning process there were kids who would come in as new members, but were actually members of [Italian club] trying to spy on our plans,” a member of Spanish Club, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. 

This strong accusation against Italian club prompted Chornij to give a response.

“There is a misconception that [Italian club] send spies to their clubs, like Spanish club. However, those claims are completely false,” Chornij said. “Almost all of our members are actively involved in various extracurriculars, and they chose to go for themselves to all these clubs.” 

Despite this intense rivalry, other students believe that the clubs’ competition is a healthy one. 

Photo by Jack Castanoli
Spanish Club featured the movie ‘Coco’ in their hallway decorations.

“I think it’s always good to have some friendly competition between the two clubs because it promotes more school spirit and more desire for members of each of the clubs to want to decorate their hallways the best,” Vice President of Italian Club Audrey Buffo said. 

This positive attitude towards the hallway competition was reflected in Spanish Club as well.

“We are extremely proud of what Spanish Club was able to accomplish this year with hallway decorating,” Ahmed said. “It took a lot of hard work and dedication from our members and it felt great to be recognized for it.”

Like Spanish club, Italian club is extremely proud of what they were able to accomplish.

“So many kids worked hard to make [Italian club’s] dream a reality, and it was so nice to see things pay off,” Chornij said. 

Photo by Jack Castanoli
Italian Club went to the measures of installing curtains that resemble movie curtains into their assigned hallway.

Italian Club and Spanish Club’s competitive nature will persist in the future, according to members of both clubs, but at the end of the day it’s a healthy homecoming competition.

“Italian Club does not do the competition just to win,” Chornij said. “While a win is nice, we do it to provide an environment where Dukes from all walks of York can come together and appreciate Italian culture and the company of each other and enjoy some great pizza.”

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