Manufacturing student works on a part for his semester long project. (Photo by Cece Lampa)
Manufacturing student works on a part for his semester long project.

Photo by Cece Lampa

New Manufacturing class gives students a leg up in engineering

October 10, 2019

There have been a lot of changes at York for the new school year including a remodeled fitness center, a fresh gym floor and a business lab; however, something that hasn’t been talked about is a new class: Manufacturing. 

In Manufacturing, students get to craft metal into what they have designed, learning practical engineering skills along the way. This class is offered to all students at York; it is a year-long honors class taught by Daniel Calenberg that was created for students with alternative post-high school plans. 

“You get good credit, dual credit for College of DuPage,” senior Mike Povh said. “Great back-up plan, and great preparation for after college.” 

Over time, students are able to produce various designs from basic metal hearts to business card holders. Students in this class have commented on the freedom you have.

“I really like the class because it’s fun to learn how to use the machines, and it moves at your own pace,” senior Sydney Mountcastle said. “There aren’t due dates so it allows you to get the work done when you can, making it very stress free.”

CeCe Lampa
Senior Sydney Mountcastle works on project in Manufacturing class.

Not only does Manufacturing involve very hands-on work, but it is also connected to other industrial tech courses. 

“It’s the practical side of other engineering classes, you get to build the things you design in other classes,” senior Alex Birnbaum said. “There’s a lack of practical skills in the engineering world.”

This class is beneficial for post-high school plans due to the experience it provides students with. As graduation approaches, there can be an urge for some high school students to become financially independent. 

“It will give you college credit, so you pay less in trade school,” Povh said. “There’s high demand for this kind of job after high school, it can pay up to $25 an hour.”

The class offers students the opportunity to get a step ahead for the workforce. The machines that students are able to use in the class are very exclusive. According to industrial tech teachers, most students at other schools don’t have the opportunity to use them.

“Someone should take this class because companies make molds for general parts and equipment, and those molds sell for a lot of money, so if you’re able to make these molds and parts, you’re worth more to the company,” senior Charlie McPherson said. 

Manufacturing class can be a great opportunity for students who want to get hands-on experience in the industrial tech field and want a good head start for their post-high school plans. 

“Students should take it because it gives very useful skills for people that want to go into the trade, but also for people who want to go into engineering, because it shows us the manufacturing process,” Mountcastle said.

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