Joey Triviani celebrates their victory. (Photo by Murphy McFarlane)
Joey Triviani celebrates their victory.

Photo by Murphy McFarlane

Student Council spurs ultimate competition at Trivia night

October 16, 2019

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, four teams competed in Student Council’s trivia night for the ultimate prize of a free t-shirt and gift cards to Portillo’s. The teams answered questions on a variety of topics, from world geography to sports. All questions were organized and formulated by Student Council’s trivia night committee.

“[Student Council] had a layout of plans,” Student Council member Clarissa Gecsey said. “We just had to make sure we booked the commons and made questions for each category.”

In addition to question planning, Student Council also voted on the theme of the night, which was sports.

“[Student Council] came up with as many themes as we could,” Gecsey said. “ [Student Council] just voted on them and we think Student Council represents the student population fairly.”

At the end of the night, the Joey Triviani team won with members, sophomores Maeve Maietta, Maria Chornij, Mira Shortt, Ellen Freund, Lily Rende, Jeff Luka and freshman Eva Graefe and Teegan Roach who celebrated exuberantly. 

Photo by Murphy McFarlane
Steve Chornij explains the instructions for Trivia Night and the categories of the night.

“We set our bar low, so we could just keep going up from there,” sophomore Mira Shortt said. 

In addition to going into the night underestimating themselves, Joey Triviani also used a unique strategy before each round: meditation.

“One of our success was our praying before each round,” sophomore Maria Chornij said.

According to the team, the most influential moment for them was their meditation during the intermission between the first half and second half of the night.

“[Our meditation] at halftime motivated us to win,” Lilly Rende said.  

Photo by Murphy McFarlane
Barstool YHS first round answers for the sport genre.

The losing teams are already developing a strategy on how to compete better and seek revenge at the next Trivia Night.

“With a couple additions and subtractions to our team, we are going to be a deadly force,” senior Sean Solem said. 

Despite the losing teams confidence in seeking revenge for the next Trivia Night, Joey Triviani still ended the night with the utmost confidence for winning in the future. 

“Our team’s just better than [the other teams]” freshman Teegan Roach said. 

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