Which candy takes the cake?

October 28, 2019

We chose the best and worst non-chocolate and chocolate Halloween candies chosen by the York student body in a survey of 77 students. Here’s our ranking:


Best: Twix

Wrapper: A gold mirror-like wrapper decorated with beautiful, crimson letters pointing out the iconic left and right sides.

Texture: The smoothness of the caramel and chocolate are perfectly countered by the crunch of the cookie that melts in your mouth. 

Taste: The taste is phenomenal; it’s a ship sailing through a sweet chocolate and caramel river crashing into a cookie iceberg.

Twix is obviously the superior chocolate candy, the wrapper perfectly ties the sweet chocolate caramel crunchy combo. 

Worst: Milk Duds

Wrapper: The bulky box does not justify only having three pieces inside. Also using yellow and brown for colors? Really?

Texture: No one knows, they’re always stale somehow. If you’re looking for tooth glue, these will be perfect.

Taste: Milk duds taste like week old chocolate, with a hundred-year-old frozen caramel in the middle. Bonus loss of points for the ridiculous amount of time it takes to chew these; the flavor never leaves your mouth. 

Milk Duds are easily the worst possible chocolate candy; not only is the flavor awful, but they will stick to your teeth for all eternity. For your dentist’s sake, ditch Milk Duds this Halloween. 


Non Chocolate

Best: Sour Patch Kids

Wrapper: The sludge-green accents around the corners of the hazardous yellow bag give warning to the sour taste, but are met with the cute little faces on the ‘kids’ heads representing the sweet innards.

Texture: The sour sugar coating the outside of the gummies is a rough crunchy texture that melts when it comes into contact with your tongue, to counter the roughness is a chewy gummy.

Taste:  Quickly after popping one of the candies into your mouth, you are forced to pucker; but, not for long as the syrupy gelatin is there quickly to counter the tartness with a burst of sugary sweetness. The process perfectly encapsulates their slogan “First they’re sour, then they’re sweet.”

Sour Patch Kids come in a variety of flavors and colors, you can’t go wrong with this diverse sour-sweet candy. 

Worst: Candy Corn

Wrapper: Candy Corn don’t really have a wrapper, they are just sold in giant bags that will never be finished and force the little candies to be put out in bowls just to be made stale.

Texture: Is it possible to be chalky and waxy at once? For candy corn it is; the little orange cones break into dry pieces at first then create a disgusting goop in your mouth as you eat them.

Taste: The taste of candy corn is straight spoonfuls of sugar dipped in syrup. Save a few steps and eat your sugar straight from the jar. 

Candy corn might be tasty on the first piece, but it only goes downhill from there. This traditional Halloween candy is the worst possible choice for your non-chocolate option. 

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