Try La Brigade’s beignet recipe for a taste of ‘good southern cooking’


photo courtesy of Cate Chlystek

Once the sauce and beignets are done, plate the beignets with the sauce. Make a dash of sauce across a plate and set the beignets on top.

Cate Chlystek, Reporter

La Brigade, a course that allows offers students to manage periodic restaurant-style luncheons, fills York with diverse, themed meals and rising aromas from their first-floor kitchen. Students that lead the luncheon curate the menu around a central idea. 

“When I pick a recipe, I either think of a genre, cuisine or a flavor I want to explore,” junior luncheon manager Savannah Nichols said. “[In the case of the creole-themed luncheon,] I really wanted our guests to enjoy some good southern cooking.”

I tried out La Brigade’s beignets, deep-fried French pastries. Click here to try the recipe for yourself.