Brewpoint celebrates halloween with their Waffle Iron Grand Opening and the Founders Halloween Event. Costumes came throughout the morning dressed in costumes and trying new drinks. (Photo by Olivia Rosenberg)
Brewpoint celebrates halloween with their Waffle Iron Grand Opening and the Founders Halloween Event. Costumes came throughout the morning dressed in costumes and trying new drinks.

Photo by Olivia Rosenberg

Brewpoint Coffee stays active in the community by spreading positivity and lattes

November 2, 2020

For Elmhurst residents, local business Brewpoint Coffee is a staple for drinks and community involvement. Both the Founders and Workshop locations have adapted their services over the past month to fit with guidelines mandated by Illinois governor JB Pritzker. The added stress from the pandemic doesn’t stop the staff from connecting with customers in a safe, distanced way. By hosting events and promoting activism in the community, Brewpoint Coffee sets an example for Elmhurst businesses during the pandemic. 

After Pritzker announced the shutdown of all indoor dining starting Oct. 30, Brewpoint pushed a notice they will prohibit any indoor seating. With the loss of indoor dining, Founders locations began a delivery service for all drinks, pastries and retail. Brewpoint Coffee has already been extremely cautious through the beginning of the pandemic by using a window as a new pick-up area and developing an app for advanced orders. All of their precautions give customers a simple and safe experience to enjoy the products offered.

New addition Waffle Iron opens on the morning of Halloween. Located at the Founders locations, they serve savory and sweet waffles. (Photo by Olivia Rosenberg)

“During the pandemic, I’ve still enjoyed going into Brewpoint as much as I could when they were open, but it’s definitely different,” senior Allie Sido said. “They continue to respect the changing guidelines in place for our area while still being able to effectively serve their customers in a safe and easy way!”

Along with being cautious around COVID-19, Brewpoint has also expanded social services to their community. They continue hosting events catered toward town members where they can interact with other Brewpoint lovers in a safe manner. In fact, on Halloween, they hosted a grand opening for their new delectable dessert addition, Waffle Iron. With spooky, specialty drinks and costumes, they hosted festive fun for all customers.

“There are a pretty wide variety of events that people have come to expect from Brewpoint; from cupping classes, brewing workshops, and tasting courses, to full scale weddings, bridal/baby showers, and professional events,” cafe manager for Brewpoint, Alex Orsi said. “We have been trying to be as flexible and resourceful as possible with accommodating both customer interests and public health guidelines.”

In addition to planning events, Brewpoint has also reached out to the community by encouraging people to vote in light of the election fast approaching. Community engagement is crucial to Brewpoint’s business model, and they believe emphasizing the importance of voting in elections is a key element to their practice. Not only is Brewpoint reaching out to its customers and followers to make sure they stay active in the community, they are also checking up on their staff as well. It is of high importance to their business that they practice what they preach.

“We completed a social media campaign earlier this month in which we detailed crucial aspects of local elections in order to bolster our communities initiative to vote” Orsi said. “We made the decision to close all Brewpoint locations on election day so that staff can capitalize on the opportunity to get to their polling place. We also hope that by closing customers will be reminded that November 3rd is election day, and they swiftly leave Brewpoint and head straight to the ballot box.

Chalk drawings illuminate the brick walls of Brewpoint Coffee, reminding customers to stay strong during these tough times. (Photo by Olivia Rosenberg)

This level of engagement from the business has been appealing to frequent customers as it is nice for them to see that Brewpoint actively cares about the people they cater to.

“I love the inclusive environment that they foster,” senior Meagan Maiers said. “In the Workshop and Roastery location, they have a sign that supports Black Lives Matter, gender equality, and LGBTQ rights. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that a place where I am spending countless hours studying or just hanging out with friends is so inclusive and caring.”

By creating a safe space for all people in the community, Brewpoint has connected everyone together in times where we all seem so far apart. Even during the pandemic, customers can’t help but keep returning to Brewpoint coffee for their seasonal drinks and good times.  

“I appreciate all that they’ve been doing for the community throughout this year,” Sido said. 

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