York students and staff share their go-to quarantine songs

November 10, 2020

When quarantine set in during March, most people turned to music as an outlet of enjoyment while stuck at home. According to CNN, usage on Spotify’s TV and cellphone apps rose more than 50%, with more people regularly listening to music from home than ever before. Music has the unique ability to attach itself to a time period or memory that people can experience, and quarantine was no exception. York students and staff were asked what song reminds them most of being stuck at home, bored and unable to go to school or live life normally.

Even now, as COVID-19 continues and the York community stays within remote learning, music will undoubtedly continue to shape the fabric of our everyday lives. Above everything else, music made us feel less alone during quarantine, and sharing songs helped connect us to others in a very unique way. No matter what the circumstance, there is definitely a quintessential quarantine song for everyone, and years from now, when that song comes on, we’ll be immediately reminded of the chaotic beginning of quarantine and how we felt when it all began. 

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