Following guidance from Elmhurst CUSD 205, York will no longer use Flipgrid in its classes. (Photo courtesy of Flipgrid News)
Following guidance from Elmhurst CUSD 205, York will no longer use Flipgrid in its classes.

Photo courtesy of Flipgrid News

York bids a tearful farewell to the app Flipgrid

March 26, 2021

In the midst of unprecedented times, York faces its most difficult loss: Flipgrid.

Following the announcement by Elmhurst CUSD 205 that York would no longer use the beloved website, students and staff alike mourn the loss of such a staple in the York community.

“I truly can’t believe it,” senior Sally Student said. “I never thought I would be putting the final filter on my Flipgrid selfie.”

From filming a two-minute video entirely in another language to delivering a poem in a writing class, Flipgrid provided endless purposes to each student’s education.

“I can’t imagine being the teachers,” freshman Paul Peer said. “I know they will miss seeing my forehead and ceiling in my dance videos.”

Not only did Flipgrid provide a place to submit your own videos, but to respond to your classmates and create constructive feedback. 

“There is no doubt that I will miss responding to only my best friend in the class,” junior Susie Scholar said. “It is upsetting that I can no longer laugh through my entire response.”

The change is hitting hardest for York’s teachers who have used Flipgrid for years, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It is difficult to comprehend the absence of Flipgrid,” Spanish teacher Ellie Educator said. “It became somewhat of a best friend in my life due to hours of listening to students who completed their assignment.”

But what students will miss most is the Google certification page. After taking 10 minutes to load and let you select which Google account they are signing into, students faced no frustration with waiting for such an incredible website. 

“It is upsetting to think that I will never see that little Google icon loading for half of the class period ever again,” sophomore Tammy Tutee said. “It never felt like a waste of my time to watch the circle spin around and around because of the internet speed on my Chromebook.”

York would like to thank Flipgrid for several years of service. Without Flipgrid, who knows how we would upload and share videos with our teachers and peers. 

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