Incoming freshmen react to summer school and a new environment


Photo by Will Drolett

Freshmen work on their final summer school project for the Freshman Bridge Academy class. July 2, 2021.

While the transition to a new school can be tough, the incoming freshmen are mostly optimistic about what is to come in high school.

After a rough year of the Covid-19 pandemic, students are at last returning to school and progressing back to normal. However, things aren’t entirely normal for the incoming freshmen class, transitioning from their respected middle school to York Community High School. Incoming freshmen who are enrolled in summer school shared their opinions on summer school and starting their first classes at York.

In a school with over 2,800 students, the possibility of meeting new people is at an all-time high for freshmen, especially as life returns to normal.

“The teacher and students are very nice,” said incoming freshman Peter Frost. “I’ve been meeting a lot of new people and learning a lot of new things.”

In a school in which 43.5 credits are needed to graduate, it is important for new students to get a head start. In a poll conducted with 27 incoming freshmen, many claimed that their number-one reason for taking summer school was to fulfill a graduation credit. 

“The credits are important, but if you didn’t [need] credits, I wouldn’t [go to summer school],” incoming freshman Jacob Perry said.

One of the biggest struggles freshmen claim to have with summer school is getting up so early in the morning. Many students claimed that getting up early in the morning was their biggest demotivation for going to summer school. 

“I don’t like how I have to get up early because it reminds me that I’m going to have to do it for 4 years,” freshman Maggie Hawes said.

Some freshmen complained that getting up too early for school caused them to be tired in the morning as well as a lack of concentration early on in the day.

“My least favorite part is trying to process things in my mind at 7 am,” one freshman said. 

Overall, most freshmen seem to be enjoying summer school at York. Out of 27 freshmen surveyed, 67 percent of students said they are enjoying summer school. The other 33 percent said they are somewhat enjoying it. Nobody answered no. On top of this, 74 percent of people said that they would take summer school again in future years. 

“I really like the teachers and the things we do [are] fun,” freshman Izabella Nowak said. “Also, it’s your chance to make new friends.”

Making new friends as well as feeling comfortable helps freshmen settle into high school. Out of 27 people surveyed, 89 percent said they enjoyed the environment of York, their new high school. Students such as Jacob Perry, Connor Choi, Quinn Tolman, Joey Messersmith all said good things about classmates, teachers, courses, and the mood of the building in general. 

“[The building is] easy to navigate through, and the classes and people in them are nice,” Perry said.

Many freshmen found York to also be a very welcoming environment. Students described York as fun, accepting, and fun.

“It’s a nice place,” said freshman Brennen Maxeiner.

One of the biggest problems freshmen had with summer school was the fact that time was being taken out of their summer. Many of them said they would rather have other activities and be in other places than summer school.

“I am really only taking summer school because I have an all honors schedule freshman year, and my mom made me take it to get ahead,” Tolman said. “I like summer school but I like hanging out with my friends in summer more.”

However, this only applies to summer school. Only time will tell what incoming freshmen think about the regular school year when classes aren’t optional.

“I have enjoyed the friends and people I have met in this class and hope to meet more,” Frost said.