Top 9 Shows of the Summer


York students tuned their TV’s into many different shows this summer. Graphic by Grace Bernstein

Grace Bernstein, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Over the summer, some great television shows graced our screen. From dramas, to heartfelt comedies, there was a show for everyone. From York students to staff, almost everyone had an opinion on what the best shows this summer were. 


Ted Lasso

When a show about optimism, happiness and soccer aired in the middle of a pandemic, people were skeptical. But after Ted Lasso’s (Jason Sudeikis) constant light at the end of the tunnel point of view, we were turned. Nominated for 20 Emmys, “Ted Lasso” follows a soccer coach that moves to England to coach soccer without any knowledge of how the sport works. Follow Ted and AFC Richmond every Friday on Apple TV+.


The third Marvel television installment follows Loki as he tries to escape the Time Variance Authority. With Tom Hiddleston returning to play the title character, fans saw him in a new light. Unlike the two previous MCU shows, “Wandavision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” fans are already promised a season two. Follow the adventures of Loki and others in a six episode first season on Disney+.

Outer Banks

When “Outer Banks” season one came out at the heat of the pandemic in April 2020, millions of viewers tuned in to see the crazy lives of John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and Kie (Madison Bailey). Following a major cliffhanger, season two aired about a year later in July 2021. With two seasons of crazy twists, betrayals, and romances, “Outer Banks” is sure to leave you hooked. Catch up with all 20 episodes streaming on Netflix.

Gossip Girl

When the idea of rebooting a show that finished less than 10 years ago, people were not happy. Why mess with something that was already fine? Those people had no idea that the new Gossip Girl would be so different from the original. With a new set of Upper-East siders, Zoya (Whitney Peak) and Julien (Jordan Alexander) are estranged sisters who aren’t so separated. More drama, more secrets, and much more of Kristen Bell playing the titular narrator. Streaming on HBO Max, XOXO, the new Gossip Girl. 

Love, Victor

As season two aired of “Love, Victor,” fans were finally excited to see their favorite couple together after a year between seasons. Following Victor (Michael Cimino), season one tackled his journey to coming out to his family and the second installment follows the journey after, and his new relationship. Victor went through some ups and downs in the second season, with a cliffhanger ending. But don’t worry “Love, Victor” will return for season three. Stream all 20 episodes now on Hulu


When the first scene of a TV show is a teen giving birth in a mall bathroom, you know the show is going to be interesting. Following the lives of eight queer teens as they juggle their personal lives through the ups and downs of high school. With homophobic parents, a crush on a teacher, and unrequited love, “Genera+ion” sure is interesting. Featuring one of the most diverse casts on television, with every main character being part of the LGBTQ+ community. Stream all 16 episodes now on HBO Max. 

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series  

To the people that have seen HSMTMTS, they will always say how terrible the name is, and also how much of a gem season one is. Season two aired right as the lead actress of the show, Olivia Rodrigo, was facing her own fame with a new album coming out. While the show still put out some great performances notably, The Rose Song, Let Her Go, and Second Chances, none of which reached the same popularity that songs from season one had. If you are looking for a drama-filled, musical show, then this is for you. Stream all episodes on Disney+ now. 

Never Have I Ever

Like “Outer Banks,” Mindy Kaling’s “Never Have I Ever” got most of its fame from quarantine. Luckily for this show, it kept its popularity. Season two of this rom-com saw the main character Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) as she had to decide which person she is going to pick. It is truly the classic romantic comedy trope that most people are sick of. For this show however, it saw the audience rooting against the main character. With the second season, it saw more background characters get the spotlight, and Devi having to take a back seat. Whether you are team Ben (Jaren Lewinson) or team Paxton (Darren Barnet), don’t worry as NHIE has already been renewed by Netflix. For a fast paced, funny, loveable show, steam “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix now.

The White Lotus

When a murder mystery is turned into a six episode mini-series about rich people going on an extravagant vacation, it confuses the audience. It is normally the other way around, but not for “The White Lotus.” While the first scene showed that someone on the island died, it is not until the last possible second that we find out who actually died. Following the lives of the rich and white as they seemingly have mundane problems, you can’t help yourself from watching all six hour long episodes. If you love TV shows that are a guilty pleasure then “The White Lotus” is for you. Stream all six episodes on HBO Max.


Whether you saw something new, or re-watched an old classic, the plethora of TV shows that aired this summer is endless. After a year of weird schedules because of the pandemic, creators were nevertheless happy to be able to air new shows that they were passionate about. These shows are just a portion of the great shows that graced our screens this year. As summer comes to a close, we still have new fall and winter shows to look forward to.