AP Music Theory Replaced by New Music Theory Club

September 14, 2021

The new Music Theory Club, led by William Ernst, meets Thursdays after school in the band room to teach students the music skills previously taught in the AP Music theory class. 

AP Music Theory no longer runs to a drop in enrollment.The music department’s solution is to start a new club in order to keep the AP Music Theory curriculum alive. This, however, won’t completely fill the gap left by AP Music Theory.

“It’s a bummer,” Ernst said. “Because [the class] was a really great space, not only for students to prepare for the college level course but it was also a really great time.”

Although losing the class was disappointing, Ernst is excited to see success with the club so far. 

“So far it’s been pretty cool, we’ve got a nice mixture of students from band, orchestra, choir and music production backgrounds,” Ernst said. “All are welcome in that space.”

   Ernst isn’t the only one appreciating the new club. The students enjoy the space to be able to learn more music skills and work with other students. 

“I’ve enjoyed how open everyone is to collaboration to create and talk about music,” sophomore Will Fischer said.

   Along with the opportunity to meet other students interested in music, the club offers a way to gain musical experience and skills, in lieu of the traditional class.

  “My favorite part of the club is being able to learn the inner workings of music, and being able to gain a better understanding of music and songwriting,” said senior Leo Macriola.

The new Music Theory club is a great opportunity for musicians of all kinds at York. The club has many benefits available to all students, including access to the curriculum of AP Music Theory, preparation for college level music courses and much more.

“I’d say the benefit of joining Music Theory club is that you get to dive into what you’re interested in, but you also get to learn about things that you aren’t really familiar with,” Ernst said.

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