Tips and tricks for moving around York

Frustrated when you are late to class? Stressed when you see a hallway filled with traffic? If you can relate to these, then make sure to check out these tips and tricks to navigating York! 

Many of the school’s intersections can get overly crowded with students during passing periods. “I would look at the room numbers, ask the upperclassmen for directions and look at the numbers because the first number is the floor the room is on,” junior Lily Rennick said.


Hallway Traffic

I get it, hallway traffic can be a nightmare when getting from class to class. Sometimes it can make you late. Isn’t it so frustrating to see a bunch of people standing around making it impossible to get around? Well there are many alternative routes to common destinations. When walking from the academic building to either lunch, gym, drivers ed or anything else that is in the C building, I recommend taking the second floor hallway. Many students chose to navigate the building on the first floor which can lead to traffic jams and utter chaos. To avoid this, simply take the second floor and use the stairs somewhere in the C building to get to your destination.

One stairway, located near the back side of the school, leads to a brick wall instead of a hallway to the first floor.


Side stairways vs. Atrium stairways

For this one, it’s mainly personal preference. However, there are some instances where using one stairwell is better than the other. To start, I recommend using the atrium stairways when your class is close by. For example, when I leave Spanish I use the atrium stairs to get to my orchestra class because the room is right next to the stairs. This is just be careful, as the atrium stairs can get traffic heavy during passing periods. Something to keep in mind is that the side stairways usually have less traffic than the atrium stairways. The side stairways also are convenient because they are close to the doors when you exit the building. One last thing to consider is that on the northwestern corner of the A building, there are side stairways that lead directly into a brick wall, meaning you will be unable to access the first floor. 


Before and after school, crowds of students move between the building and the outside.

After School 


After eighth period, traffic can be a nightmare. As for my recommendations, SPEED WALK, SPEED WALK, SPEED WALK! When the bell rings, walk a bit faster and you will hopefully end up beating that traffic jam on the stairs. Speed walk a bit and you will hopefully get to the bike racks before the crowd. When it comes to crossing St. Charles, cross at the light. Crossing the street on the railroad tracks only causes more traffic for cars having to slow down. In addition, make sure you wait for the light to tell you to cross. Many students will cross the street when side traffic stops but this is a problem because they forget about cars turning left.