Photo courtesy of @Yorkathletics. Charlie Matias swings at the ball.
Photo courtesy of @Yorkathletics. Charlie Matias swings at the ball.

The dynamic duo of the Matias sisters

September 22, 2021

The York girls golf team stars two sisters, Audrey and Charlie Matias, this season who bring both talent and high spirits. The number one and number three players on the team, the Matias sisters, often play into a sister rivalry. This healthy competition drives them to perform their best. At the Willowbrook dual meet, Audrey Matias shot a 30, 2 under par. Charlie Matias won a medal at the Willowbrook dual for shooting a perfect 32. At the Ram Invite, Audrey Matias placed 8th and won a medal. 

“I started learning to swing at about 5 and started playing competitively when I was about 10,” varsity player Audrey Matias said.

The sisters were compelled by their parents to play golf. They encourage a friendly competition that drives them to achieve their best. 

 “I never play with Charlie,” Audrey said. “Our coach keeps us separate because he knows that we get competitive with each other”

Although they’re separated on the course, the dynamic of the two remains as they bring the team’s spirit up. Of course, the sisterly competition comes with high spirits when one beats the other. 

“We like a friendly inter-team competition, we like beating each other and earning bragging rights,” varsity player Charlie Matias said.

Teammates of the two appreciate the liveliness the two bring to the team. The dynamic duo of the Matias sisters is both beneficial to scoring and the team’s spirit. 

“There is so much energy,” JV player Kennerly Klinger said. “They have the competitive drive to beat each other, and it’s amazing to watch them play and see how they interact outside their household.”

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