Juniors celebrate their win against the seniors at this years annual Girls’ Flag Football game. Photo By Nate Stettin
Juniors celebrate their win against the seniors at this years annual Girls’ Flag Football game. Photo By Nate Stettin

Juniors Knock Off Seniors in Commanding Fashion | York Girls Flag Football Run Down

September 23, 2021

Heading into the first Girls Flag Football affair in over two years, Dukes fans were excited to see the young women back in action. Class spirit was flying high, and fan expectations were through the roof. In a surprising fashion, the juniors knocked off the seniors 13-7, and earned the bragging rights that came packaged with defeating their older counterparts.

The flag football game, formerly known as the “Powder Puff Game”, is a York tradition that pits senior and junior girls against each other during homecoming week. While York Football is made up entirely of men, the flag football game offers an opportunity for girls to show off their talents on the turf.

“I think that the game was really fun,” junior Kenn Connell said. “I didn’t go to the one they had freshman year, so this was my first time actually experiencing the game. I enjoyed it a lot; you could definitely tell that school spirit was extremely high. I feel like it was a really good way to bring the grades together and celebrate homecoming week.”

And felt good it did! While Connell was supporting from the sideline, junior Mariann Blass was under center and slinging the rock in the fourth quarter.

“I remember looking back at the clock after a few of our previous plays, and I saw that there were only five minutes left and even worse, we were losing,” Blass said. “It was then that I knew I had to throw it far and towards the end zone, because the senior defense was really good. I got the snap and threw it to where I knew Laney would be, but I saw she was being covered by two seniors so I thought it was going to get intercepted. Thankfully, Laney made an amazing catch and was able to score the touchdown for us to take the lead.”

But not everyone was happy with the results. While the juniors came to school riding high, the seniors offered a more dispirited outlook on their performance.

“It’s just upsetting because we only got one year to play and we didn’t win,” senior Mira Shortt said. “In spite of all that, I think the seniors really came together during the game and I felt a sense of community and York spirit that I haven’t felt since before the pandemic.”

Shortt was not in the minority. Following the game, tempers were high and accusations were being thrown in every direction. Senior Megan Doan gave insight into how the game came tumbling down for the seniors.

“We started off well and things were going pretty well for us, but once the juniors got the pick six prior to halftime and ran all the way down the field, it was a turning point” Doan said. “Of course I’m a little sad about the outcome because as a senior, this was our one and only flag football game so we don’t get a chance to come out on top next year.”

In the end, the senior’s performances will not be what is remembered from this beloved event. The juniors snapped the senior win streak, and won a match that will have lasting implications at York for years to come.

“The energy was so incredible and super contagious,” Blass said. “Everyone was cheering no matter who was on the field. Even though some girls couldn’t play, they were still there cheering us on and bringing the energy. It was such a good feeling knowing that we had a ton of people on the sidelines cheering and being so supportive.”

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