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Brandon Cello

Italian Club members begin putting up the lights for the homecoming hallway decorating contest. Each club had the opportunity to decorate a hallway for homecoming, before students voted on their favorite.

Italian club is off to a “fantistico” start this school year

October 10, 2021

Italian Club has had its first few meetings this school year. Students elected officer positions and put up homecoming hallway decorations. As the school year continues on, Italian Club members are excited to see what comes next. 

“It’s my favorite time of the year for Italian Club, when we get together and decorate the hallways,” Italian Club Co-President Maria Chornij said. “It’s really great team building and it’s the best time of the year because this is when everyone shows up for Italian Club. We get the most attendance around this time because everyone is really excited to come decorate our hallway and to keep up our hallway decorating championship.”

Italian Club has shown deep passion for the homecoming hallway decorating challenge. From 2010 to 2019, Italian Club has won seven times. Not only does Italian Club participate with hallway decorating, but is also active in other ways throughout the year.

“I hope to see that we do more fun games and activities like we did last year and then we come out strong after the homecoming decorating challenge,” junior Noah Balice said. 

Homecoming decorating is just a fraction of what goes on. Activities include making pizza and tiramisu, an italian dessert, and going outside to play Bocce ball. 

“I love Italian Club because the students are really enthusiastic and they love to keep up traditions we have that go back as far as I can remember,” Italian club sponsor Jennifer Buono said.  “I just love the enthusiasm they bring at homecoming and I’m so happy we have that back this year and that we get to have a more normal homecoming. Our last normal year we did a pizza making class, we’ll try to do some field trips, we’ll try movie nights and there’s lots of fun things going on.”

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