Top 5 Gen Z TV shows you will love

October 13, 2021

Teen TV shows are really important for the younger audience because they portray the life of teenagers, problems and struggles that young adults go through. As years go on teen TV shows have been increasingly focused on putting out new content for Gen Z . The TV shows for Gen Z explore problems that most teenagers face such as politics, their fears, desires and many more. Here are the Top 5 TV shows that Gen Z will love. 


Euphoria is one of the best Gen Z TV shows to be made. Euphoria talks about a 17-year-old girl Rue (Zendaya) who struggles with substance abuse. After she comes out of the rehab she meets many relatable, layered characters such as Jules, a transgender girl who she befriends after moving into town as well as Nate, a jock who has serious anger issues and struggles with his sexuality. This drama talks about love, identity, drugs and trauma.   



Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a comedy-drama series that follows the life of Devi Visuakumar (Mayteri Ramakrishnan), an Indian- American high school student from Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. After her father Mohan passes away, Devi’s life turns upside down. She suffers a breakdown which causes her to lose sensation in her legs. After a horrible freshman year, Devi wants to change her social status but life does not make it easier for her. This show is based on Mindy Kaling, the creator’s, own childhood experiences. This show has been critically acclaimed and has been a landmark for South Asian representation in Hollywood. 




Outer Banks

Outer Banks follows a group of teens that solve a mystery of what happened to the leader’s father. They are known as the “Pouges”, the working-class teens who are divided from the affluent part of the town known as the “Kooks”. Outer Banks is one of the best Gen Z tv shows due to the relatable character that have real-life struggles and share great chemistry.  




On My Block is an American coming-of-age television series created by Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalaz and Jermey Taft. On My Block talks about an inner-city neighborhood in Los Angeles with  Four teens, Monse Finnie, a tomboy,  César Diaz, a gangster, Ruby Martinez Jr, a math genius, and Jamal Turner, a nerd,  find their lifelong friendship is tested as they begin high school. This coming-of-age TV show is critically acclaimed for its diverse cast, story-lines, and performances. 




Stranger Things

Stranger Things talks about a group of misfit friends who uncovers dark governmental plots and supernatural phenomena while also dealing with life problems of their own. This show established Millie Bobby Brown’s career in the role of Eleven, a mysterious girl with other-worldly powers. This is one of the best Gen Z shows made because it has great character development, an emotional roller-coaster of a plot and amazing cliffhangers.

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