York students utilizing the math lab with new tables, and optimized teacher-student learning.
York students utilizing the math lab with new tables, and optimized teacher-student learning.

Math Lab Renovated for New Learning

November 1, 2021

The math lab was recently renovated to support students and their mathematical pursuits. The project was led by Erik Westerberg, the Math Department Chairman. The new and improved math lab features flexible seating, improved furniture, and is optimized for teacher-student interaction.

The old math lab was considered outdated and not up to par for the students’ needs. This prompted a need to update the math lab. One such update was the removal of the computer lab previously occupying half of the math lab.

“With the adoption of Chromebooks and the shift to free technologies like Desmos and Geogebra, and with our new course sequence students needed more and more help from teachers, and the computers became less of a need in the lab.” Westerberg said. “We expanded the other half of the lab so that students could have more one-on-one work and collaboration.”

The recent renovation was focused on progressing the math lab to fit the ever-evolving student needs. 

“We now have flexible seats, tables and chairs, whiteboards on the tables and moveable whiteboards,” Westerberg said. “As time goes on we will also add a wall dedicated for test retakes, computers for printing, and two touch screen TVs that students can work on.”  

The effects of this change haven’t gone unnoticed. Students appreciate the opportunities the new seating provides.

“The layout is really nice because I can turn the tables and chairs to sit with a group, or split away and be able to work on my own,” said freshman Aidan Espinosa.

These changes weren’t the work of just one person. The entire math department, students, and other staff members were all involved in making decisions on the project.

“The math department, all 26 teachers, had opportunities to share input and ideas for the space,” Westerberg said. “Many teachers noted the need for having accessible and flexible seating arrangements.”

The math lab offers flexible hours so that all students can use it to the fullest extent. The math lab is open every day from 7:00 am to 4:15 pm, with teachers and math aides available throughout the day, no matter the period.

“The main thing I would say is just to come,” Westerberg said. “Once students take the leap and come in the first time, they’ll feel more comfortable getting help and will be able to realize how beneficial the math lab can be.”

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