The Social Media impact on Gen Z

November 9, 2021

Social media is really important to us because it helps us to communicate with people, to show the world who we are, be part of the community, current events that are happening and many more. 

 Social media has been a great influence for Generation Z (Gen Z). It has helped Gen Z by expressing themselves to the world, sharing their political beliefs to the world, appreciating their digital privacy, and providing them entertainment. 

“I think social media is important to Gen Z because it helps them connect with each other,” freshman Rayyan Anwar said. “I feel like a lot of them. After quarantine a lot of them are disconnected from each other. I feel like over quarantine social media helped people gain back that social connection. I mean I feel like social media has always been prevalent but, with quarantine it really had a jump or like a  boost because kids needed that social connection and meeting someone to talk to.” 

 Although many students believe social media grew as a result of the pandemic, these virtual platforms have been popular for far longer as a means of connecting students outside of quarantine.

“Social media especially helps Gen Zs  to connect with the other Gen Zs,” junior Sandra Thomas said. “It helps them to connect with people. It has helped them to be more creative and express themselves more in their own way. Social media has helped Gen Z to talk about issues that are happening worldwide.” 

In addition to helping social media connect with people, it also helps Gen Z to be more alert on what’s happening around the world. 

“I feel like social media is important to Gen Z because, it helps you stay in contact with friends and family, see what people are up to, keep up with the news, and what is going on in the world,” senior Mateo Perez said.

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