Spider-Man No Way Home Was A Huge Success, But Where Does It Rank Among The Rest Of The Franchise?

February 8, 2022

“Spider-Man: No Way Home”, the massively successful third installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man franchise, hit theaters over winter break and became the highest grossing film of 2021 in just its first week, claiming the second biggest opening ever at the U.S. box office. The film brought millions of fans back in-person to the movies and generated an insane buzz on all social media platforms.

The film centers around Peter Parker’s journey to clear his name after his identity as Spider-Man is revealed to the world by Mysterio, the villain of the previous Spider-Man movie. As a last-ditch effort, he contacts the powerful sorcerer, Doctor Strange, to help cast a spell so the whole world forgets that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. However, things take a left turn when Doctor Strange messes up the spell, resulting in villains from every universe who know Spider-Man trying to kill Peter.

With its current 1.16 billion dollar global box office total, it’s easy to see that “No Way Home” was not only a winner among Marvel fans, but also a big hit for casual moviegoers. Its recipe for success was no mistake, as it takes one of the most likable superheroes and combines him with characters and elements from all of the other Spider-Man movies that came before it, resulting in a crossover that almost anyone can appreciate. 

 “Spider-Man: No Way Home” may have been a box-office and critical powerhouse, but where does it rank among the eight other Spider-Man movies that have been released over the years?

Here is my ranking of all of the Spider-Man movies from worst to best and where No Way Home fits in:

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

While it had a powerful ending, this film had some of the worst villains in any of the movies like Electro and way too many elements for the plot to stick.

    1. Spider-Man 3


Too many villains (Sandman, Venom, and the New Green Goblin) in one movie and a forgettable plot, but a fun performance from Tobey Maguire.


  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Fun movie with some of the best visual effects and an interesting villain with Mysterio, but sacrifices credibility in order to move along the plot.


  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 

A reboot to the original Spider-Man trilogy with Andrew Garfield very committed to the role, but it struggles to distinguish itself from the originals and stand out.

    1. Spider-Man: Homecoming



A true low stakes high-school Spider-Man movie with one of the most underrated villains, Vulture, in the MCU.


  1. Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse


An awesome surprise as the first animated Spider-Man film that very well balances multiple characters and the multiverse along with comedy; Peter B. Parker steals the show as one of the best side characters

  1. Spider-Man 

The perfect Spider-Man origin story with plenty of action and an amazing performance from Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin.

  1. Spider-Man: No Way Home

 By far the most exciting and high stakes Spider-Man movie that delivers on all aspects. Has enough cameos and fight scenes to keep you engaged throughout the entire movie.

  1. Spider-Man 2

 Proof that sequels can be better than the original. Has one of the best and most complex villains in Doctor Octopus as well as one of the greatest superhero fight scenes with the train fight. Easily the most rewatchable of any Spider-Man movie.

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