Seniors May Clancy, Emma Garvey and graduate Hannah Maloy perform in graduateArianna Capotes’ “What About Angels?”in the March 2020 York Dance Company concert. (Photo by Maddy McGreal)
Seniors May Clancy, Emma Garvey and graduate Hannah Maloy perform in graduateArianna Capotes’ “What About Angels?”in the March 2020 York Dance Company concert.

Photo by Maddy McGreal

Fine Arts Week returns for 2022

March 1, 2022

York Fine Arts Week returned to in-person performances this March with alumni, students and professionals headlining. 

“For Fine Arts Week, the motto is express yourself and the goal is to give as many students possible a chance to express through art in whatever way they feel most comfortable,” Chris Gemkow, Fine Arts Week  director, said. 

Fine Arts Week is an entire week where students have the ability to express themselves through art in any way they feel comfortable. It gives students a chance to show off their  unique talents and inspire those around them.

 “The main purpose of the week is to give students a chance to perform and to share their art with their classmates,” Gemkow said. “They show a side of themselves that their peers don’t normally get to see in a regular classroom.”

In its return to normalcy, York Fine Arts Week is bringing former York students in to preform, and they are all psyched to be participating. 

“Fine Arts Week was always my favorite week of the year, and something so unique to the York community, so being able to come back and perform is such a full circle moment,” York alum Tatum Langley said. 

Fine Arts Week is an extremely important activity that York hosts not only for the opportunity it gives to student artists to present their talents, but also for how it represents the importance of art in schools and for the inspiration it gives to young adults hoping to follow their passions in art.

“The other mission of the week is to bring in professional artists that share their story about how they made a career doing something they love in the field of art,” Gemkow said. “Whether it’s photography, whether it’s visual arts, music, poetry, whatever it may be. Just demonstrating that even though it may seem impractical to pursue a career in art it is incredibly important and meaningful to keep art in your life whether or not it’s for the purpose of a career i just think the whole week is about demonstrating the importance of keeping art in our schools in our lives.” 

Because of remote learning and COVID safety guidelines limiting York’s ability to have activities and performances such as Fine Arts Week, only seniors and juniors have experienced a traditional Fine Arts Week experience, and the upperclassmen are ecstatic to that is back.

“Getting to spend a whole week participating in and seeing all the events that went on was a blast and is something I’m super excited to see return this year,” senior Danny Sanders said. 

York Fine Arts Week is here, and students couldn’t be happier.

“Every student should take advantage of all the amazing performances and opportunities provided during Fine Arts Week because it really is a week full of talent, creation, and joy,” Langley said.


Featured Performers

  • Bonzo Squad
    • Bonzo Squad is a collaborative genre crossing instrumental band which consists of 4 members. They released their debut album “Bonzo Squad” in 2017, which received many accolades including a review in Downbeat, top 50 ranking on JazzWeek radio and a Spotify Playlist placement. The group has recorded 20+ songs and preforms weekly at Chicago venue: AliveOne.
      • Photo Courtesy of
  • Tatum Langley
    • Tatum Langley is a York alum and recent graduate of Ball State University’s BFA Musical Theatre program. She is a jazz vocalist, actress, and cabaret performer. Langley was a finalist in the Illinois High School Musical Theatre Awards in 2016 and 2017. For her FAW performance, she has assembled a band of all-star York grads to back her up on stage featuring Ben Pavlik, Will McGing and Mason Lampa.
    • photo courtesy of
  • Rafael Blanco
    • Rafael Blanco is a contemporary artist whose work centers on identity, human expression and diversity. Blanco started his career as a studio painter he has continued producing and showing his work in a variety of museums and galleries. He has transitioned into public art, especially to large scale murals. Blanco Currently works as Assistant Professor at Elmhurst University, where he teaches Drawing, Painting, and Art History. 
    • photo courtesy of
  • Bonelang
    • Bonelang is a two member group: Samy Language and Matt Bones. Bonelang’s music focusses on strengthening relationships, whether they be familial, romantic, or platonic through self awareness. Their goal is to force individuals to look within at their own flaws and ideas. They aim to make people more loving, accepting, and compassionate, both to others as well as to themselves.
    • photo courtesy of @_bonelang on Instagram

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