Samy and Matt Bones featured on Alternative Press. (Photo courtesy of Alternative Press)
Samy and Matt Bones featured on Alternative Press.

Photo courtesy of Alternative Press

Members of Bonelang and and Bonzo Squad inspire young artists 

March 2, 2022

If you missed the performances by Bonelang or Bonzo Squad, check them out here! –> Bonelang  & Bonzo Squad

Fine Arts Week (FAW) is something truly unique to York. Many schools have different forms of talent shows and arts performances, but what York’s Fine arts week is so special is the professionals that are able to attend. In the past, we’ve had artists like Poet J Ivy and the band Blood Red Boots. 

“You should all thank your teachers,” member of the band Bonelang Sammy Language said. “This is really amazing; none of my teachers would’ve let us out of class to go see some weird ass band, so definitely thank them.”

FAW consists more than showcasing student talents, but also those of York alumni and friends of faculty. FAW is an opportunity for smaller bands and artists to present their unique works of art and to inspire other students to do the same. 

“A mission of Fine Arts Week is to bring in professional artists that share their story about how they made a career doing something they love in the field of art,” Fine Arts Week Director Chris Gemkow said. “They demonstrate that even though it may seem impractical at times to pursue a career in art it is incredibly important and meaningful to keep art in your life whether or not it’s for the purpose of a career.” 

Zach Marks is lead drummer for Bonelang and Bonzo Squad. (Isabel Kachappilly)

Being able to see adults successfully following their dreams and passions in art is really uplifting and is definitely inspirational to young artists at York. On the second day of Fine Arts Weeks, two different professional bands played, Bonelang and Bonzo Squad. Both bands consist of four member groups that share two of their members. Overlapping band members is something that you see a lot in bands at York, for many of the same reasons: convenience, friendships, community and more. This is great because many student artists can not only relate to and feel connected to these bands’ experiences being able to play with their friends, but also look up to them.   

“It’s awesome to be playing in two different bands and it’s definitely convenient, it’s tiring but because the music is so different between the two bands,” Zach Marks, drummer for Bonelang and Bonzo Squad, said. “It’s kind of a whiplash to go back and forth between the two because the Bonelang thing is really serious and the Bonzo Squad thing is supremely not serious.” 

These two groups showed the endless possibilities beyond just following your passion, but also that you can pursue and be so many different things. These two bands collaborate and work together and manage to create two completely different types of music, both which are incredible. 

Corbin Andrick plays the flute during an audience interactive song, “Shack Dog.” (Isabel Kachappilly)

“Dylan, Mr. Reems asked us if we wanted to play and pretty much any opportunity to play, we usually do it,” keyboard player Andrew Lawrence. “We have a great time playing music together so whenever we get the opportunity to do so it’s great and being here I’m thoroughly impressed with the production that’s happening right now. It’s all really good, we’re really impressed with everyone involved. 


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