York’s drumline starts off the first showcase of Wednesday’s Fine Arts Week show. (Photo by Kayla Tutunji)
York’s drumline starts off the first showcase of Wednesday’s Fine Arts Week show.

Photo by Kayla Tutunji

Percussion ensemble keeps the beat going at Fine Arts Week

March 8, 2022

Although Wednesday was a late start day, the third day of Fine Arts Week was equally filled with entertainment and talent of all varieties. The first performance of the day was done by York’s percussion ensemble. This included large group songs as well as solos and even a completely improvised song. 

“It’s really cool to be performing in Fine Arts week,” Ian Szetela said. “We have a really good band program here so it’s cool to be able to perform for your peers and let them see what you work on everyday.”

Percussion is really unique because of the immense variety of instruments that make up the percussion family. It can be anything from xylophone, to a drum set, steel drums, and even metal trash cans. All of which were used during Wednesday’s performance. 

Seamus Wicklow, Jackson Small, and Carrie Uddenberg preforming the song Stinkin’ Garbage By Ed Argenziano. (Photo by Kayla Tutunji)

“It’s exciting to be performing. There’s a lot of energy going on, and we put in a lot of work so I think we can do a good job,” Clark Mahoney said.

You can see all of this hard work as well as a deep sense of community in each and every song performed. Percussion is something that in a typical musical group creates the beat and tone for the rest of the players, but in a group of all percussion each one playing a definitive beat it is important that they are perfectly in sync.

“It feels great to get to play with everyone,” Jackson Small said. “Go drumline!”

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