10 Shows To Binge To Help You Get To Spring

March 21, 2022


With cold temperatures keeping people inside and winter lasting for what seems like forever, many are finding themselves isolated with not much to do. However, with endless amounts of streaming services, there are plenty of great shows that you can binge to keep yourself entertained during this season of boredom. Here are some of the best shows to stream for any TV watcher:


If You Like Comedy, Try…

The Good Place

The Good Place is a creative show that takes a light-hearted approach to the afterlife. It follows Eleanor (Kristen Bell), who finds herself in the good place, but as she meets her fellow residents, starts to question if she belongs. With a likable cast that has great chemistry and non-stop laughs, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy all four seasons of the show.

Found On: Netflix

Ted Lasso

This show is a feel good comedy that tells the story of a kind American football coach, Ted Lasso, who is brought into a new coaching job as the head coach of AFC Richmond, a struggling soccer team. Even though Ted has no experience with the sport, as he slowly begins to bond with the players and form close relationships, he realizes that his job as a coach is about more than just winning and losing. With hilarious writing and great acting, all three seasons of this show will surely make you “Believe.”

Found On: Apple Tv Plus


If You Like Action, Try…

The Mandalorian

For all action fans and especially Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian is a must-see show. We follow Din Djarin, known as the Mandalorian, a skilled bounty hunter who likes to work alone. However, things take a turn when he befriends one of his targets, and must protect him from falling into the wrong hands. With two seasons already out, and a third season coming soon, now is a great time to stream the show.

Found On: Disney Plus

The Boys

For a darker entry in the action category, The Boys is set in a world where powerful superheroes are owned and publicized by a government company. Even though most people idolize these superheroes, along with the main character, Hughie (Jack Quaid), we slowly learn that the so-called heroes are conceited, corrupt, and ruthless. After a tragedy involving Hughie and one of the heroes, he decides to join a team led by vigilante Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), to take down the company once and for all. Witty, high speed, and violent, The Boys has everything you could want in an action show.

Found On: Amazon Prime Video


If You Like Sci-Fi, Try…

Rick and Morty

As the first animated show on this list, Rick and Morty is a science fiction sitcom about a grandpa and his grandson traveling through space and different universes as they bond with each other. Though there is no real plot throughout the five seasons of the show that have been released, in every episode you can expect a unique galactic adventure with the two main characters, as well as various cameos from famous actors. With all five seasons available to be streamed, each with ten short episodes, Rick and Morty is a no-brainer for a good laugh.

Found On: Hulu

Black Mirror

Another show on the darker side, Black Mirror is a drama anthology series set in a world very similar to ours. Every episode tells a completely different story with different characters, but all have an overarching theme about the dangers of modern technology and the demise of our world. With each of the twenty-two episodes having something different to offer, featuring prominent actors and actresses like Jon Hamm, Daniel Kaluuya, and Bryce Dallas Howard, this is certainly a show that you won’t be able to turn away from.

Found On: Netflix


If You Like Drama, Try…


One of the best TV shows released over the pandemic Invincible is another enjoyable animated show, however it focuses a lot more on plot and character development. We follow Mark Grayson A.K.A Invincible (Steven Yeun) who is learning to live with his recently acquired superpowers, as well as his living up to the legacy of Omni-Man, the most powerful being on Earth, who also happens to be his dad. Although only one season of the show has been released, Invincible is one of the most exciting and intriguing shows on this list, with action, drama, and mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire time you watch.

Found On: Amazon Prime

Cobra Kai

As a direct sequel to the original Karate Kid trilogy, Cobra Kai picks up thirty-four years after the All-Valley Karate Tournament with the same actors reprising their same roles from the original saga. We follow Johnny Lawrence, the villain of the first Karate Kid movie, and are shown how his life has completely turned upside down from the wealthy lifestyle he once lived in his teenage years, to working as a handy-man in his 50s and barely making any money. After he loses his job, as a last effort, he decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo to teach his teenage neighbor, Miguel, the way of Karate so he can defend himself at school. After word spreads around town about the new dojo, Johnny’s rival and original karate kid, Daniel Larusso, decides to open a dojo of his own to compete against Cobra Kai. With plenty of twists, drama, and a likable young cast, this is a great remake of an old classic.

Found On: Netflix


If You Like Reality TV, Try…

Top Chef

If you’re a fan of cooking shows, this is one of the best to watch. With 18 seasons out to date, each season of the show is set in a different city where professional chefs from around the world compete against each other in various competitions, with a $250,000 cash prize for the winner of the show. Each episode features a “quickfire challenge” at the beginning where the chefs have very little time to make a dish and must work with specific ingredients. Often the winner of the challenge will receive immunity from being eliminated or an advantage in the second challenge. The next challenge is the elimination challenge, which has higher stakes but a longer time limit for the chefs to make their dishes, with the worst chef (decided by the judges) being eliminated from the show. For a fast-paced, exciting cooking show, look no further than Top Chef.

Found on: Hulu

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a travel and adventure reality competition in which 12 teams of 2 must race around different countries in the world, with challenges and roadblocks along the way to the finish and the grand prize of 1 million dollars. Each episode is known as “a leg of the race” in which the teams have to complete various mental and physical challenges both together and separately. The last team to check in to the pitstop of the certain leg is eliminated, and can no longer participate in the race, even though there is an occasional non-elimination leg of the race. Throughout the competitiveness of the racers, and the exciting sites of all of the countries, the amazing race will never cease to entertain you.

Found on: Hulu 

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