York wonders, “When is the cue to wear shorts?”

March 22, 2022

Some days it’s 50 degrees and sunny, while others it’s 25 and snowing; it seems we’re almost in spring. And the question everyone’s asking –how long until spring break? – but besides that, the most pressing question, when is the right time to wear shorts at school?

“I think I need to be in the spring mood,” junior Sam Gutterman said. “I guess it depends on the temperature when I’m leaving the house, I mean I think I can play it out for, what, four more days until spring? Also once I start wearing shorts I don’t want to go back.”

Many students and faculty concur with Sam on this short-wearing timeline; however, some people think there is a certain weather requirement.

“When the humidity is over 80 percent or the temperature is over 70,” senior Elle Jacobsthal said. 

Spring brings uncertain weather and differs from day-to-day, so students looking for consistent weather might be out of luck for a while. This is a main argument for many students against early-shorts wearing.  

“Definently in the end of April, maybe May,” senior Carolina Swiatek said. “Definitely not now, it’s barely spring. Yeah, today’s going to be hot but then the rest of the week is going to be cold and windy. Guys, it’s the midwest, relax.” –end with midwest relax

This strict criteria is a common theme among many students; however, some students are more lenient and echo the phrase, “You do you!”. 

“I think it is time to wear shorts when it is warm enough outside to wear shorts and when you feel most confident to do so,” junior Drew Subramanian said. “You don’t let anybody else judge you– wear them when you want!” 

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