Under the Monocle: Alex Cornille strikes students and staff with their expressive nature

April 27, 2022

Alexandria Cornille, known by the alias of “AntiChrist” to some (literally, that’s their Snapchat username) is a prominent expressive senior at York. Cornille is easily one of the most recognizable students to the rest of students who attend York by putting an effort into expressing themselves through their appearance. A normal day at York, Cornille will be harassed but also complimented through the halls and in their classes. Some are amazed in how much effort they put into their makeup while others would just see it as a waste.

“People who haven’t seen anyone like me, a lot of them tend to have built up anger and take it out on someone else because they think they need to change,” Cornille said.

A heavy influence on Cornille’s style is from their favorite artists they listens to like Kristof Bathory, Psyclon Nine, Centhron, Dark Funeral, Slipknot and FreakAngel. As for questions why Cornille presents themself this way is because they are just attracted to this genre. Just like most music listeners, these artists have allowed Cornille to be happy and cope with a different outlet throughout high school.

“Their lyrics are real stuff, about life, and the artists are obnoxious and very obscene,” Cornille said. “It’s cool that they show they don’t care about what people think and just live their life happier.”

Cornille is also very much involved with the music-making process as they also make music for self enjoyment. Along with the help of York’s music department introducing techniques, they also recieved help from their brother who is a musician as well. Cornille is very close and inspired by their brother Nick, who is a producer and rapper as well as a part of the band O!Jupiter. Another inspiration is their dad because of his enjoyment of goth and heavy metal.

“I’ve listened to a lot of these bands since I was in 5th grade like Arch Enemy; my dad raised me on a lot of genres of music,” Cornille said.

Their dad started Cornille’s love of horror movies, leather jackets, art, and music. Cornille’s father, Mark Cornille, was allowed to use his skill and love of art by becoming a professional tattoo artist. He always encouraged Cornille to appreciate the arts and pursue their artistic side.

“We have a love of art and being creative,” Mark Cornille said. “I try to raise her to be herself, I always wanted to raise her to be her own individual.”

Overall, Cornille seems to be satisfied and content with where they are because they’re allowed to enjoy the things they likes but that doesn’t mean everyone else will too. Girls would whisper behind her back while the boys wouldn’t be shy and say it to their face. As common as face-to-face interactions there were, it was just as common online.

“When people call me names like Satan, Anti-Christ, or freak, it’s funny to me because that’s the point and they just encourage me and give me confidence,” Cornille said.

Luckily, the faculty and staff of York’s reaction has been a lot more positive than the student body’s. Cornille would receive multiple compliments from the teachers, and have very little restrictions when it comes to the dress codes. Chris Gemkow, music teacher created a close relationship with them because of their common interest in music and expression.

“Their music, their style, the way they approach life, I think it comes through visually by the way they dress so it all lines up. There’s darkness, there’s anger and aggression. Her world view definitely comes through their lyrics,” Gemkow said.

In addition to a positive faculty response, Cornille states a highlight of being a known figure in the school is how many friendships and connections. Complimenting their creative appearance begins a connection or acquaintance to the senior. Adoration to Cornille on the surface begins a deeper friendship with those who choose to compliment them.


“I think their appearance is insanely inspiring,” Shayla McLaughlin, sophomore, said. “They shows who they really is and it looks amazing, they’re unapologetically themselves and I love them, they’re one of the best people I’ve met at York.”

Cornille will be graduating in May but will continue to produce music with their brother for his next album. They have also been given the opportunity to do make-up in music videos which will give them a lot of experience for future jobs they’re aspiring for. Cornille wishes to go to cosmetology school to keep improving their skills and enjoy the art genre they were born to love.

“Just do what makes you happy as long as it’s healthy,” Cornille said. “You only live once so why be scared to b e yourself. No matter what you do, you will never make everyone happy, so making yourself happy is most important.”

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