Katelyn Winton competes on one of many meets throughout the cross country season. Photo courtesy of Katelyn Winton
Katelyn Winton competes on one of many meets throughout the cross country season. Photo courtesy of Katelyn Winton

Katelyn Winton goes B1G as she races into the next four years

May 24, 2022

As the school year comes to a close, York says farewell to the senior class of 2022 as they continue on to the next chapter of their lives. Katelyn Winton, a cross country runner, recently decided to continue her academic and athletic career at Indiana University. At York, she was a key member of the state championship team for cross country. Winton also took part in the cross country nationals race in Alabama, helping secure 4th place for the Dukes.

“I’m going to miss running with my friends, the ones that I run with now,” Winton said. “We’ve created such good memories at state, meets, and even practices. Also, I’m gonna miss the aspect of just being at York because it’s so welcoming.”

On the recent spring signing day, Winton committed to Indiana University. There, she will continue her cross country career competing in the notorious BIG 10 conference.

“I’m most excited to meet new friends and start over,” Winton said. “Going to basketball games and football games, I’m also excited to run at the next level, try it out, and see what I can do.”
Cross country has helped facilitate many lasting friendships from varying grade levels, one being the unbreakable bond of Michaela Quinn, a sophomore, and Winton.

“I loved running with Katelyn, she always makes every run so enjoyable,” Quinn said. “Katelyn is always such a positive light to everyone especially during our cross country season. Even through workouts such as ten mile long runs or mile repeats, she always made the best out of the situation we were in and I will never forget that.”

While Winton moves on to greater things at Indiana University, she leaves behind a lasting impact on the rest of her team, whether it was just being a great friend, or the effort she inserted to help the group become successful.

“Next year is going to be so hard without Katelyn,” Quinn said. “She was such a huge leader to our team and pushed everyone to their goals. Even if you did not believe in yourself, she would believe in you. Not only did she make a huge impact on our team but I will simply just miss seeing her everyday. She brings so much energy to our team and lifts everyone up. It will be so different not being able to see my best friend everyday and I think it will be really difficult for a lot of us, but I know we will be able to readjust and be successful.”

After four successful years at York, Winton will leave behind memories, friendships, and so much more as she continues onto her path.
“A message I want to leave behind is to not take everything for granted because time goes by really fast at York, so you want to enjoy and take in every single moment because time really does fly by.”

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