A soccer ball from previous summer camp. Photo by Sofia Malagon
A soccer ball from previous summer camp. Photo by Sofia Malagon

Into summer, with York sports summer camp

May 25, 2022

This summer, York is offering a variety of sports summer camps that welcomes all students to join. There are tons of sports that are offered for grade levels 6-11, girls and boys, all throughout the months of June to early August. York hosts about 15-20 camps for all athletes, without the stress of being cut or facing competition but more for the benefits of playing the sports, getting involved and having fun.

“We have 31 sports at York, as far as summer goes, not every sport offers a summer camp, most coaches do but it’s pretty tough for the spring sports to have camp right after their season. So I’d say we have half of our sports that run a summer camp, so 15 or 16 summer camps probably run. There’s a combination of very competitive sports that will have cuts in the fall, winter or spring and there’s also sports that if you don’t make a team that has tryouts, you can join a non-cut sport that also has summer camps. Says Rob Wagner, athletic director. 

York coaches will host summer camps for all types of sports, for athletes of every level. It is open to all who have interest in that sport, despite how competitive a sport may be. 

“I participated in York’s summer soccer camp last summer. I love connecting with people who enjoy the same sport as me, as we all have the same interest in playing our desired sport. It’s an overall great experience, and a fun time. The school also makes it simple, because it’s so organized and planned out”,Said Junior varsity soccer player, Rylee Adams. 

These summer sports camps hold their benefits, as the given opportunity to socialize is the reasoning behind those who participate. It’s a great way to surround yourself with those who share common interests, and build new friendships while building teamwork. 

“Over the summer I did the swim and waterpolo sports camps through York. I like the kids on the team I play with  so it’s fun to see them during the summer, along with during the sports season. It’s nice to have kids involved, especially the freshman because it’s good to get to know the players and the coaches, while being able to grow bonds with others”, Said Junior varsity swimmer, Nick Kamenica. 

Depending on the sport, it opens for grades as young as 6th grade, although it’s believed to be beneficial for the incoming freshman as well. It has an early option to begin getting involved before high school starts to not only have the advantage of building interactions, but getting in extra practice.

Taken By Sofia Malagon
Joe Hernandez, #21 on York Varsity Soccer team. Photo by Sophia Malagon

“I think there is the social aspect of staying part of something with your friends, your peers, meeting new people, meeting new adults, developing those new relationships. Summer camp is the place to do that because you might not see those people during the school day, you’re gonna see incoming freshmen, meet people that are in the upper level of sports that you play that you may not have competed against or practiced with,” Wagner said.

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