Avery Kendrick checks in with fellow Student Council members on their committee’s progress. (Ava Hansmann)
Avery Kendrick checks in with fellow Student Council members on their committee’s progress.

Ava Hansmann

Under the Monocle: Avery Kendrick takes on the role of student body president for next school year

May 25, 2022

While many things come to an end as the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, a new chapter begins as the new Student Council executive board was announced for next year. Avery Kendrick, a current junior, was recently elected to be the 2022-2023 student body president of York. Kendrick has seen many other students in her role over the past three years in Student Council, and has decided to continue on their legacy.

“Our past three presidents, Erin, Haley, and Murphy, have definitely inspired me to run this year,” Kendrick said. “They were all such great leaders and had unique, but very influential, leadership styles and I think we’ve gotten so much accomplished the past few years with them.”

While many students hear the title “student body president”, not many actually know what the role entails and what the person filling the position really does for the York community.

“I think that the Student Council president has to really be on top of all of our events, knowing what needs to happen for our events to be successful,” York Student Council advisor, Mr. Moran said. “That person also needs to really have a gameplan for making sure that Student Council, as a group, functions smoothly, and has to make extensive plans in both areas, really all throughout the year, it’s kinda a never-ending role.”

Even though this prestigious title holds many responsibilities, Kendrick has the preparations and experiences to make the school year a success.

“Avery has been with us all four years, since she was a freshman,” Moran said. “She has always been really enthusiastic about everything that she’s been a part of. She really loves Student Council a lot and we’re really excited to work with her next year. I mean we already know that she’s working really hard to make plans for the summer and for next year, so it’s gonna be a great year.”

Along with the student body president, many other roles were voted on this past week for next school year’s executive board. One being the new Recording Secretary, a current sophomore, Mia Barton.

Avery Kendrick goes over the plan for a Student Council meeting. Photo by Ava Hansmann.

“I am so excited to work alongside Avery next year,” Barton said. “I have gotten the chance to get to know her over the course of this past year and my freshman year, and she truly stands out as a leader. She always tries to get to know everyone and she inserts so much effort into this school and its community, so I know that she will accomplish great things as president.”

Approaching her senior year, Kendrick is looking to leave her mark on York and the community within it.

“One piece of advice I would give to the student body is to never miss an opportunity to put yourself out there and get involved,” Kendrick said. “Even if you’re unsure about something, it can end up being your favorite part of high school, so definitely push yourself to do all the things you consider doing.”

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