Students clap as Dr. Bagdasarian takes the stage to speak. (Phoebe Stergios)
Students clap as Dr. Bagdasarian takes the stage to speak.

Phoebe Stergios

The Class of 2022 says “goodbye” to the school they’ve know for years and “hello” to their futures

May 25, 2022

“I’ve never seen high-schoolers look so happy”: A quote from a passerby walking their dog. 

After years of hardwork and dedication students step on the stage for the last time as high school seniors. Rows of students dressed in silk green and colored cords lined up in the middle of the football field. Luckily, the weather conditions were idyllic.

Graduate Caleb Thomas goes to fistbump Dr. Bagdasarian. (Phoebe Stergios)


Dr. Bagdasarian fistbumps and congradulates graduate Jack Pals after he steps off the stage. (Phoebe Stergios)

“This is the best weather we’ve had in like 20 years,” college and career counselor Amy Thompson said. “It’s a little windy but overall it’s been really great.” 

On this momentous occasion students look back at their high school careers and celebrate this strange feeling of being York alumni. 

“It was exciting and relieving to have completed everything but also felt odd that my time at York is over since it had been such a major part of my life for the last four years,” graduate Valerie Weinshenker said. “I thought the graduation ceremony was nice to hear everyone’s name called because it’s the last time a lot of us will see each other again.”

Speeches were given from Dr. Shahe Bagdasarian, Beth Hosler and Dr. Keisha Campbell, along with student performances and speeches. 

Graduate Erin Lindgren receives her carnation after walking down the stairs. (Phoebe Stergios)

“I thought Dr. Bagdasarian’s speech was a cool story that showed us it can take time to find your path, but things will work out,” graduate and student-body president Erin Lindgren said. “I had a feeling that Johnny [student referenced in the speech] was Dr. Bagdasarian but I thought the structure of the speech emphasized how hard work and perseverance will help you in your years beyond York.”

Graduate Sophia Mikula poses with her diploma after graduating. (Phoebe Stergios)

For many seniors, graduation is a surreal feeling. When asked how he felt about graduating from York, graduate Nick Dobrowolski gave his take. 

“Honestly it feels weird knowing I never have to charge my chromebook again,” Dobrowolski said.

After graduation, the students look to their future at college, the military or elsewhere. For many students they are going to college close to Elmhurst with people they know, but for others they are entering a new phase of their life with new people. 

“The day marked the start of a fresh start as I’m the only person from York going to Tulane next year,” Lindgren said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how my classmates do in college or work!”

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