Students show their ID’s as they enter the building before school in the morning. Photo by Grace Bernstein
Students show their ID’s as they enter the building before school in the morning. Photo by Grace Bernstein

New school year at York means new changes around the building

August 26, 2022

As the 2022-2023 school kicks off, students and staff around the halls notice a change throughout York. 

The new changes that York has implemented include adding new cameras, checking IDs at the entrance every morning, and a new safety presentation shown to every student during the first week of school. Administrators are pleased with results they are seeing so far, and they hope students can appreciate the work they have put in. 

“The hope is that students and staff will feel safe when they are in the building,” Dean Jeffrey Helberg said. “We also want to ensure that we know who is in the building in case of any sort of emergency.”

Administration feels as though the new changes will create a better environment for students and teachers. 

“We are committed to providing our students with the safest environment possible while maximizing learning in the classroom,” Principal Shahe Bagdasarian said.

Students also appreciate the extra care being taken to keep them safe around the school.

“I’m very glad that our school is taking measures to protect us,” senior Patrick McLaughlin said. “A lot is going on in schools these days and it feels nice to have some extra protection.”

Some students, however, feel that these safety measures are not enough. While most, if not all students appreciate the new changes, some still feel like the safety precautions could be improved.

“I understand why the school is doing what they’re doing,” senior Alina Hayes said. “It just feels like some of the new things are a little personal and it feels weird.”

Regardless of how people feel about the changes, the staff still feels hopeful that we’ll be entering a new, safer era in York history.

“We have high expectations for our students,” Bagdasarian said. “Administration appreciates their support with these new school policies for the betterment of our school community.”

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