Seniors Avery Kendrick and Alyssa Poli perform during the Brewpoint Craft show. (Kathryn Castanoli)
Seniors Avery Kendrick and Alyssa Poli perform during the Brewpoint Craft show.

Kathryn Castanoli

York Amateur Musicians perform original music annual Brewpoint Craft show

September 29, 2022

On Sept. 23, York’s Amateur Musicians put on a concert at Brewpoint Craft in Elmhurst.

Senior Emma Casey performs her original song during the Brewpoint performance. (Kathryn Castanoli)

The concert featured members who performed an array of different types of music. This is the club’s first performance of the new school year. This gig allowed York students to get their feet wet in performing live music in front of an audience of many supportive listeners. 

“Everyone is so welcoming and inviting to all of the performers,” junior Kate Krupa said. “It is overall a great environment to perform in, especially to new musicians.”

Amateur musicians club has helped students grow not just musically, but also in their confidence performing in front of others. As most students start out, their confidence is low, but with each opportunity, performing gets easier and easier, and the musicians start to enjoy it more and more. 

“It was really exciting to perform again, and surprisingly this time I really wasn’t nervous at all, and I thought I would be,” junior Kaedin Gillie said. “This is probably my third time performing and it gets better and better each time. 

The musicians appreciate all of the opportunities that the club has to offer, giving students new ways to be themselves. 

“For me it has been a really encouraging space to explore different outlets of creativity, not just necessarily band or choir or drama, but just playing with a couple friends has all been really fun,” senior Aidan Costanzo said. 

The Amateur Musicians concert was a successful one in the eyes of the musicians, as they know all of their hard work and dedication to the art, finally paid off. 

“The energy there was just electric, and performing live is just insane. I cannot wait for more performances to come,” Costanzo said

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