AP Artists engaging in a crtique. (Eden George)
AP Artists engaging in a crtique.

Eden George

AP Artists paint their pasts in their newest project

October 9, 2022

Art is a way of expression, expression of oneself, of one’s emotions and thoughts. The importance and meaning behind our artists at York and what their work means to them deserve to be highlighted. This has the power to change the public’s perspectives in a beneficial way. 

After speaking with the Renee Kuharchuk, the AP Art teacher, she expanded on the format and freedom associated with the class.

What’s so special about AP Art is that students are able to fully make the artwork they want to make.” Kuharchuk said. “They are not given any preconceived prompts. They are able to research and explore the topics they are curious about. Additionally it’s so inspiring to see them work everyday during class.”

Senior Alyssa Poli spoke about her personal drive to create. Her art demonstrates the important role of music in her life. 

“I would say that most of my art is motivated by music and how it has been a big part of my life,” Poli said. “Another motivating factor about it is the fact that art is something visual and to see the visuals that come from your mind start to take form is something that is really cool.” 

This next student expresses herself through many forms of art similar to Poli. Senior Avery Kendrick touched on the themes throughout the course of her life that have the power to alter her artistic motives. 

“My current piece is an acrylic painting of my great-grandma’s kitchen,” Kendrick said. “My Sustained Investigation for this year relates to fate and the idea that everything is connected and meant to happen. My inspirations for these pieces are the moments when I notice symbols and recurring themes and how they all create this web of my memories and perception of my daily life.”

Avery Kendrick’s interpretation of her great-grandmothers kitchen. (Eden George)

Both artists do express the importance of artistic interpretation for their audiences because it allows their pieces to speak to the greater public and let everyone take something unique away from the experience. Kendrick touches on her emotions portrayed in her work, she shows her audience how important events and life experiences can truly affect your initial plans.

“I wanted to focus on this idea because I think it sums up how I’m feeling in my last year at York, as I am able to reflect nostalgically on my childhood and my high school experience and what I’ll remember as I begin to transition into the next phase of my life,” Kendrick said. 

Poli explains the process of creation during AP Art class each day, being in touch with one’s mind is very important to convey the meaning of specific pieces, but it is brought to our attention that art contains no restriction.

“In our brainstorming process we do a lot with asking ourselves questions that we would like to answer in our work so I would definitely say that there are a lot of answers that come along with the paintings, but it is also really interesting how those questions can evolve with each painting so in a way those answers are always being developed,” Poli said. 


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