French Club gathers for a picture during their first meeting of the school year
French Club gathers for a picture during their first meeting of the school year

York activities gear up for a new year of engagement

October 11, 2022

Students at York are halfway through their first semester of this school year, and a quarter of the way through the whole school year. These beginning months are a time for students to get involved in activities, discover their interests, meet new friends, and so much more.

One large factor in these processes are the various clubs at York. Whether they meet in the morning or night, the school is home to over 80 different clubs and activities. These activities are vital to creating a better community at York.

“This year, I’ve been trying to attend more clubs whenever it’s possible,” junior Jack Davies said. “It’s been a lot of fun to try out new things and discover what York has to offer.”

These clubs couldn’t be as impactful as they are without the student leaders of the clubs. These students can be in charge of all kinds of different aspects within the club, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved,

“This year, French Club has a larger board, meaning we are able to have more students involved,” Dermot Hughes, the executive vice-president of French Club said. “All of them have a  touch in promoting the club, whether it be designing advertisements, speaking to students, or helping come up with YTV announcements.”

Bringing in students is vital for the clubs. The more students that join, the better the sense of community, and the better the club.

“Last year, meetings may have only had up to five to ten people, but this year, just our first meeting alone had about 25 students, and even more just stopped by quickly,” Hughes said. “A bunch of kids this year are also not in a french class which makes it so that we have a larger variety of students at York who get to learn about the cultures of french speaking countries around the world. “

While some clubs offer opportunities to explore different cultures and meet other people, other activities can be a pathway towards future careers.

With eSports becoming much much more popular every year, it gives students a chance to see if competing professionally in college is an option you’re looking for,” said junior Will Blanchette.

The diversity and uniqueness of York’s different activities are a key part of what can make high school great for so many people.

“I’ve been hearing about all of these different clubs, and some of them sound really cool,” freshman Elyssa Hall said. “With the experiences I’ve had already, I’m really looking forward to being able to branch out and explore my interests.”


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